We’ve learned how to track your hots using numerical cooldowns.  If you want, you can track other people’s buffs/hots as well.  Now we’re going to talk about “tracking”  Swiftmend and Nature’s Swiftness.

What You Need to Know

Now, if you want to swiftmend a target, you have to know 2 pieces of data:

  1. Is swiftmend off cooldown? This can be handled by a non-grid addon that tracks cooldowns.
  2. Is there a swiftmendable hot on the target? If you’re running with another druid, tracking just your own hots is not enough.  This data point can be handled in grid by tracking all swiftmendable hots on the target using one indicator.  Healing Through Stupid has an amazing guide detailing this simple, elegant method that requires absolutely no plug-ins.

If you want to use Nature’s Swiftness, just make sure it’s off cooldown.  You can figure that out pretty easily, eh?

Using GridStatusSwiftmend

I am lazy, and for both Swiftmend and Nature’s Swiftness, I use  GridStatusSwiftmend.

Setup for Swiftmend

GridStatusSwiftmend creates an indicator telling you 3! pieces of data:

  1. Swiftmend is off cooldown
  2. There is a swiftmendable hot on the target
  3. The target is below a certain health threshold (you set this threshold)

You set the color and tell it what your preferred health threshold is.  I picked 60%.  Above 60% and I don’t care.  Sure, I do swiftmend targets above 60%, but if they all lit up like Xmas trees above 60%, I’d have TMI.  So I only have it “remind” me that I can swiftmend targets under 60%.

Setup for Nature’s Swiftness

Yep yep, there’s also a Nature’s Swiftness option!  This will light up if:

  1. Nature’s Swiftness is off cooldown
  2. The target is below a certain health threshold (you set this threshold)
  3. The target is a tank (optional)

Check it out!  I set my threshold here to 30%.  I also have it only show up on tanks, because I am not gonna blow my 3 minute cooldown on a suicidal DPS.

Notice how the priority is higher than that of swiftmend.  This is because I will want to show them in the same place on my grid frame, but I will want the Nature’s Swiftness to show if the conditions above are met, even if swiftmend is also available.

Nature’s Swiftness – that sounds like a Shaman Spell

Yes, I have confirmed, the Nature’s Swiftness indicator  does work for shaman, even though it says “druid healing”.  I tested this by jumping off something high.

Now, Placement

I put both on the bottom edge.  Yes, I know, this requires another download (GridSideIndicators).  Remember, Nature’s Swiftness has a higher priority.

Field Test

Are you ready?  It’s gonna be awesome.

Falling off stuff in the name of science.

See, the indicator pops up on the bottom (that green box) because:

  1. I have a swiftmendable hot (see, top left corner, my own rejuv)
  2. I’m below 60% health (far below), and
  3. my swiftmend is off cooldown.

Although I am below 30% health, the Nature’s Swiftness indicator will not trigger, because it is filtered to only show on tanks.

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