Today we’re going to learn to show how much shield is left in grid from PW:S and Divine Aegis.  This might be TMI for you.  If so, don’t use it.  But if you’re like me, I like to know when my shield is about to get consumed so I can expect sudden spiky damage.

Shopping List

Set it up

Configure Shield Left

My PW: Shield hits for around 6k, give or take (without ICC buff) so I set “low” at 1k and “medium” at 2.5k.  Adjust these values based on your shield strength, and if you raid ICC a lot, based on your shield strength in ICC.

The Aegis detection tolerance is set to 1.  If you set it too low (.3, for example), it may not detect Aegis every time.  Closer to 2, and you get false positives.

Text Display

You want to use a check box for Side Text or Corner Text, not for a corner or side indicator (that is just a box… a box that shifts colors based on shield left, but just a box).  I put it on the side text bottom (bottom edge).


Just PW: Shield

Just Divine Aegis

Both PW:Shield and Divine Aegis on target

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