So much stuff I like!


Malevica at Type H for Heals focuses on the healing team working together.

Lonomonkey at Screaming Monkeys gives a detailed list of ways to improve your raid awareness.


Reversion at Looking for More instructs hunters how to jump-shot.  Awesome drawings, as usual.


Vrykerion at Oddcraft has a super-accurate flowchart for when to let the DPS die.


All mages!  Get over to Mana Obscura and weigh in on getting a mage-specific one-stop resource.  Warlocks not invited.


Cynwise writes a Belated Introduction to warlock PvP because “it €™s never too late to start being awesome.”


Psynister lists the best enchants for heirlooms.


/Reloadui talks about Too Many Addons, an addon to manage your addons.

Enlynn at Bubblespec is unashamed to use Healbot.


Aphroditi at Fel Fire shows off her photoshop skills…. mages, are you gonna take that?

Durkonell at Your Best Shot can’t help lamenting the horrible repetitive voice acting in ICC.

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