First, TL;DR

  • Murloc Parliament is moving web hosting this week
  • There will be NO change for you, the reader, in terms of address, links, or subscriptions (WE HOPE)
  • There will be no new articles until the move is over
  • Comments and pings are closed during moving time


Current Web Host Sucks

Our webhost has been intermittently on-and-off without any real reason in the last 2 months.  Usually it’s about 10 minutes at a time, but it’s still annoying.  I’m sure you’ve noticed if you follow me on twitter and listen to me swear every time.

They shut us off!

We had a wee mysterious spam problem last week.  Spammed pings suddenly shot up to… 900 in a day – on the same post (the mage oh shit buttons, FYI), though very few pings got through the spam filter.  I “rebooted” the web site from a backed up copy.  That seemed to fix the problem.

However, that spike overtaxed our web host and they cut us off.  For us that was the final straw in lousy service with lousy uptime.  They were immensely unhelpful in telling us how to prevent this from happening again.  They suggested Captcha.  Uh… captcha has nothing to do with pingbacks.

The Site Right now

They got us up and running again, for now.  All your links should work.  Once we move, everything should stay the same, including links, feeds, etc.

Commenting and Pings

As a precaution, we’ve temporarily turned off comments and pings.  The reasoning is twofold.  First, spam – avoiding it at least until we move.  Second, because we’ve already bundled up the database in a handy zip for transport and don’t feel like doing it again to capture new comments (and that’s why no new articles either).

When we get to the new site, we may or may not turn pings back on, depending on the spam situation, since the grand bulk of the spam was fake-pings to that one post (and pingback checkers still use system resources to parse the real from the fake).  We also may close comments after 14-30 days.  And finally, to save bandwidth, we may replace the auto-spam-checker with a manual Captcha or challenge question (sigh).

We don’t want the spam prevention to be overly burdensome to legitimate commenters or prevent us from getting legitimate pings to foster blog community interaction, but we also don’t want spammers to be able to overload and shut down the site like they just did this week.

Contacting The Parliament

If you want to chat or have any insight on spam, blogs, or snack foods, by all means send me an email at ZELMARU [at] GMAIL [dot] COM.  Using the gmail address until the move goes through is smart, right?  In particular, if you are self-hosted wordpress with a high volume of spam, I want to hear how you deal with it!

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