Seems like everything is working on the new web host.  You live, you learn, and you hope you get your money back, eh?

For those of you who want to learn from our tale of woe: the old web host is Justhost.com and I can honestly say, it sucks.  Do not use.  There was intermittent downtime almost every day for… eh 10 minutes at a time.  That wasn’t too bothersome, since this is a website that doesn’t exactly make money or do anything important.

But when this blog got slammed with spam, they cut us off our “unlimited transfer” plan.  Nice, right?  I’d hate to think if wow.com linked us or something.  Justhost’s “suggested fix” was to get a spam checker (already have one) and super cache (yes, already have).  Thanks, dorkfaces.  Oh, and get captcha, because that totally works on pingbacks…

The new host is 1&1 which was recommended by Grimmtooth and others, and we should have just used it from the beginning.  So far so good.  Honestly, their “how to” FAQ articles are AMAZING.  I feel like I can do just about anything, even complicated crap.

Anyhoo… will start posting for realsies next week.  Would hate to start doing real content and then have to wipe the site again.  Let’s not talk about how ArcaneTinkerTank “accidentally” dropped a file from his stupid site into THE PRECIOUS WORDPRESS DIRECTORY and borked everything up.  Men, can’t trust em with an FTP account, right?

And of course, let us know if anything is still broken or unfinished.  I had to manually redo the plugins, so I might have missed something.  Or my beloved spouse might have dropped an errant file in THE PRECIOUS again.


We’re Cautiously Back — 5 Comments

  1. Welcome back
    1&1 was a good choice. Mr Harpy uses them for business related stuff and they provide great customer service and stuff.

    • Good to hear.  Being cheap did NOT work out for us.  There IS a reason some webhosts are super-cheap – because they SUPER-SUCK.

  2. Glad to see that you’re back online. At least you didn’t go for Fasthosts – that company is abysmal!
    Fingers crossed that your problems are behind you :)