A Baby Pally is born…

Before we joined Alas’s guild becoming the awesome mage/druid combo that is quickly becoming the stuff of legend (in my own mind), we wanted to test out the guild culture to make sure it was a good fit before we paid the transfer fees. So we rolled alts on the server and started from scratch. No money, no bags, nothing. Until they offered us start up gold (10g I think) and some bags from the guild bank. But that was it. These be tough times and I had to walk to Ironforge uphill through the snow barefoot!

Now my choice for what was going to be a temporary goof-around character was a paladin, because it was easy, familiar (I had played a pally in Vanilla), and not a class I was likely to transfer over.  After we took the plunge and transferred the 80’s, this lil’ Pally sat in the Westfall Inn being rained on by the hole in the roof,1 while my awesome magery dazzled and delighted my new guildies. I even showed them how gnome warriors rock the free world, though not as often because unlike many guilds we seem to be swimming in tanks.

… and is joined by some merry idiots

The funny thing about online relationships is you begin to have people who tend to gravitate towards each other. On the old server we had a guildie from back in SWG who joined us. We will call him The Wookiee. He has been playing on-and-off for years, and recently resubbed and rolled a new alt on our server. Well, last week another old SWG guildie, whom we will call The Lizard,  let me know that after 5 years of EQ2 he finally had enough with how they were running the game and was switching to WoW. So now I’ve populated maybe polluted Alas’s lovely guild with folks from Socrates Wyld Stallions.

Let the Leveling Commence

This weekend was a leveling fest. The wookiee referred-a-friend the lizard and let’s just say that some pretty crazy stuff happens when you put two linked refer-a-friends in the stockades with a crazy cat(zel) pulling a John Fucking Madden on anything that moves. Now that the lil Pally has friends who are for now level appropriate, I took the time to trick him out in any and all heirloom I could. He has a ret, prot, and heals set (taking the cloth heirlooms that were intended for a priest at some point).

I ran some random dungeons without the Lizard or the Wookiee. And in these I realized a few things.

  • First, Paladin has changed a lot since 2005 (when I leveled up to 60).
  • Second, Cataclysm leveling pugs will make some people pine for the jerks they get now in heroic randoms.

I talked about this with Zel last night and she told me about Pugging Pally who leveled a pally to 80 using the random dungeon finder and blogged about it. I will be doing something similar (you can’t raid every night). I’m introducing a series of posts called Adventures in Alt-land where I throw out observations about the leveling process, who you meet along the way, how things probably will change in cataclysm when you are leveling your worgen druid or goblin shaman. My companions along the way will be the Wookiee (paladin like me and wow vet) and the Lizard (Enhancement Shaman) and I’m sure the occasional helping paw from Zelmaru’s kitty killing machine. Hopefully I can provide some amusing anecdotes and observations. Let the journey begin.

  1. Are they EVER going to finish fixing that?

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