Mana Obscura’s forums launched for Mages and Operation Totemspot launched for Shaman.  Check them out!

Other Blogs

Try the Melting Pot.  They grab articles of interest that they find around the blogsphere.  This can help you find new blogs you might want to subscribe to, or simply draw your attention to articles from blogs that you don’t normally read.


Using and Receiving Rebirth from Stories of O.  Useful for both the “rezzer” and the “rezzee”.

Just in time versus Just in case healing from Life in Group 5.  An excellent analysis of the current healing style and what the cataclysm healing style might be.


Deme the DK talks about working as a team with your fellow crotch-watcher (tank).

Saniel has a two-part series on tanking (Losing Aggro, Directing.)  My bad if I jumped the gun and there are more parts to the series in the works.

Current Events

Broken Toys has a brilliant take on the enforcement of Blizzard’s policies with regard to ERP.

Beta Peeps

Gazimoff (mage), Kurn (healing pally), Rhidach (tanking pally), Rilgon (Hunter), Derevka (Priest), Malevica (Healer!), Askevar (DK), Lissanna (druid), Jacemora (moar druid!), and Saunder (moar healing pally!) are in beta and are telling us all about it.  Go forth to their blogs.  Unless you hate spoilers.  Then don’t.

(If I missed a beta blogger or five, leave a comment!)

Edited for additional bloggers:  Gravity (DK tank), Relevart (Boomkin).


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