Apologies to Shakespeare

The noble raptor seeks a rock with sun;
Upon the rock he rests his scaly head.
Such laziness he does consider fun;
To perch upon a crag as if a bed.
He deftly preens his scales in the harsh light;
“A very dapper specimen I am!”
He smiles a toothy grin of sheer delight;
“There is no finer dino than Sir Tam!
I love to lounge about,–yet well I know
My awesome skills are needed elsewhere soon;
Although not yet have I been called to go;
My mistress when she calls, is quite the loon.”
The fearsome reptile from repose did rise;
To launch attacks of buttsecks by surprise.

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Dinotam Sonnet — 8 Comments

    • The sad thing is that I know so little about (non-latin) poetry that I have no clue what you’re talking about.  This took WAY too much time to write. I fail at iambic pentameter.

      • Hah, it was a reference to two of Shakespeare’s “sonnet periods” – during one many of them were addressed to an unnamed young man, while another set was to his Dark Lady. Much ink has been wasted trying to determine the identity – if there actually was one – of these two people.

        • I did use one of his sonnets as a model, about the lady with the foul breath, but few of his “turns of phrase” remained after I was done with it.  He definitely did not mention “buttsecks by surprise.”