Don’t worry, parliamentary papers isn’t going anywhere.  I’m still going to be doing these posts, blah blah.

However, I have an alternative via google reader for the firewalled or mobile users.  You can now read the linked posts via my shared items page.  Nifty, eh?  Hell, you can even subscribe to my shared items in your reader.

And now the links:

(As I’m about to post this, I see that Alas has beat me to some of the same links.  That’s what I get for sleeping in.  What can I say, we think alike.  Slightly scary.)


DinoTam is awesome.  First, I wrote a lot of awesome stuff about DinoTam (ME ME ME).  Then Alas got the idea for a poetry contest (get your entries in!). And Reversion drew a pee-pants-funny portrait.

Halion, the Evil

Avenging Wrathy talks about tanking the twilight realm, while Kae gives us a short-version drawing.

Tanking, Healing, and not getting thrown in the bee pit

Anafielle at Righteous Defense presents both sides of the issue regarding  Offspec Tank Loot Priority.

Reversion of Looking for More talks about Tanking Triage… it’s like healer triage, but instead of not healing the DPS, you don’t pull the mobs off the DPS… and then you laugh.

Rhii gives us 5 ways to make your Pug healer love you, or not hate you as much.  Then maybe the healer won’t have to… “forget” to heal you.

Huh?  Really?

Healing with only tranquility?  Unpossible!  Beranabus found a way to do… spammable tranquilities! Seeing is believing, watch the video.


Malevica shows us detailed screenies of the new grid-like party/raid frames – which of course are super-important to healers.  Squee!

Finally, RP

Rivs talks about Why Good RP is dead.  An interesting read about cliques and attitude – follow the links in the article for various opinions and perspectives on this issue.


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