I don’t know about you, but I have my healing bars under my feet.  Which means when I finish my daily, a stupid box pops up right on top of my healing frames.  When I get an achievement, a stupid box pops up there too.  Now, usually this isn’t more than a minor annoyance because technically the fight is over.  However, sometimes, there’s an achievement mid-fight, or there’s still healing to do after the fight (lingering debuffs).

Well, we have a solution to that!  It’s called Achieved.

There’s no fancy interface for config, so you’ll have to use commands.

Easy stuff, right?

First, you do /achieved drag to get your boxes into position.  You will get some nice “dummy boxes” to drag around.

Aren't they pretty?

Now you drag them where you want them to go.  For me, that’s at the top of my screen.  Nothing important there.

Once you’re happy with where they are positioned, right click, and they disappear.

But, because I have them at the very top, it’s important that they expand DOWN and not UP, or they will go off the screen.

So I do /achieved anchor top.  Now the anchor is at the top and they will expand downward.  If you want to put them at the bottom of your screen, you probably want to anchor bottom.

I’m pretty happy with the size of my frames, for now, but as you can see, you can scale with a command.

Because I’m going to use this config for all my toons, I do /achieved save. Later I can /achieved load to duplicate the settings on my other toons.

Need to move the lewt box?  Check out this article, as well as the solutions in the comments.


Achieved! moves annoying achievement boxes. — 5 Comments

  1. I love Achieved!.  I scale mine smaller (about 0.8) since I have a small screen.  For the loot box, I use XLoot, mainly because I like the aesthetics of XLoot more and, again, I make it smaller and off to the side.

  2. Ooooooooooooo. You can do that? I’ve let many people die because the achievements were covering my Grid ><

    • Hah I have been meaning to make a static page on this but it changes a lot!

      1. Dominos for action bars

      2. Shadowed Unit frames for target, self, etc

      3. Skada for damage meters

      4. Chocolate bar for that neat top bar so that my stuff isn’t all around my minimap

      5. Grid of course

      6. Satrina Buff frames for my buffs

      7. Chatter for chat stuff

      8. Ice HUD for the crap around my toon

      That’s all you can see in the picture anyway.

      EDIT (cause I can do that) oh yes, and CTVIEWPORT for resizing the visible area to put the neat black strip at the bottom