You know, my rapper name, yo.

If you remember Grandmaster B, you're totally old like me.

Well, we’re at Mr. Lich King.  Healer makeup is Tree (me) and two pallies.

“Zel,” you say, “that’s unpossible.  You need a disc priest for infest.  Don’t you know anything?”

Yeah, yeah, I know. But that’s what we had, so we had to suck it up.

Here’s how to single-handedly pwn infest as a resto druid:

8 seconds until Infest, start pre-hotting the group with rejuvs. Why 8 seconds?  Because you have to hot 8 group members in a 10 man.  The tanks are already getting heals anyway and Infest will just disappear from them like magics.  Ignore the tanks.

Now, you could start your hots earlier… but I have rapid rejuv glyph, so I only get… eh 12 seconds of ticks out of Rejuv.  I think the more powerful ticks on this fight are an asset, but that’s up for debate.

Then, when infest is cast, hit wild growth. The first tick is the most powerful and is immediate, so you don’t want to pre-hot this.  With any luck, the combination of a tick of Rejuv + the tick of WG will knock out infest before it has the chance to get evil, and you might have 1-2 people left to hit with a Swiftmend or Nourish.

Now does this waste mana? You bet! You’re hitting 8 people with Rejuv in essence for ONE tick of the spell at the right time. However, in my experience it wastes far more mana if you don’t take aggressive steps to nullify Infest in the first few seconds. It’s a bitch to keep up with after that. Better safe than sorry and proactively nip it in the bud.

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