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Shy at Wow gives us 10 things every raider should know.  This should be common sense by now.  Unfortunately, people are still dumb.

Krikket talks about 10 qualities that she looks for in a raider.  More things that everyone should know, but also personality traits that make a good raider.

Spinks explores the myth that one raid endgame fits all.

Traxy talks about Halion Shadow Realm tanking… and gave excellent pointers on easy ways to avoid the cutter.  A must-read if you’re having trouble with this fight.


Icedragon did an awesome series on macros (Macros Revisited,  Advanced Macros,  Dual Macros).


Cassandri went insane.  Looking over that list of what you have to do, I’m pretty impressed.


Don’t stand in the fire?  Root and Branch has illustrations.

Geek Girl Diva reports that Hasbro made Jon Stewart his own Stormtrooper Action figure… with beardie too!


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