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Last night I queued up as I have been doing a lot with the beloved Dungeon Finder tool. As I always do, I select all 3 roles: tank, heals, and dps to speed stuff up.

Much to my surprise I was not only assigned to dps, but I got into SM: Library. But that wasn’t the best part of this run. No, the best part of this run was our tank.

The healer at the start of the run asked very politely “Mr. Tank, are you capable of doing large pulls?”. There was silence. Then a “GOOOOOOOOOOO!” from the tank who ran and pulled the whole first hall. I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know if he could handle that much, so I did half assed DPS and threw some heals as support.

“SORRY ABOUT SLOPPY TANKS!” Now I was a bit of a loss here. We clearly had an insane person tanking, and a healer who knew her stuff (Disc priest is CRAZY!).

“No, no you did fine.” I said.

Next two pulls are the half the library courtyard followed by the remainder of the library courtyard and the houndmaster.

“MAAAAAAANNNNNAAAAAAAAAA!” screamed the tank, clearly informing the healer and the party to drink the hell up, and patiently waited for us to be ready.

“GGGGOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” And he dives right into a full hall pull.

The remainder of the instance is like this. “MAAAAAANNNAAAAA” and “GOOOOOOOOO” and the occasional apology for sloppy tanking. But here is what I learned. I was wrong. There is another totally awesome fourth tanking persona. That of Drunk Hulk.

Talk in all caps. Shout stuff all the time. Apologize for sloppy tanking, and be awesome. I looked up my new tanking god today on the armory and let me just say how pro this guy is. At level 35 he has enchants and armor kits on his gear and no heirloom gear. He is srz bizness. But above all he made our group laugh, did his job, and was in all aspects just a pure awesome experience. My hats off to you guy.

I have debated on whether to mention his name (because it does add to the comic effect he is putting forth) but don’t think it would be fair to out someone without checking with them first.

In other alt land news: The Lizard and the Wookiee sped all the way to 60. There was just no way for me to keep pace, especially given Zel and I were offline last week due to company. So I bit the bullet and pressed the fast forward button (aka transfer my level 70 paladin from the old server). When they get to outlands the triple XP stops so I can actually keep pace with them. And they are taking advantage of the 90 days of refer a friend to their fullest by parking their first power level toons at 60 and bringing up a second pair. So for anyone considering a refer a friend, I fully endorse leveling pairs up to 60 then alts up to 60 etc etc for the maximum benefit of that 3 month period.


Adventures in Altland: All hail my new Tanking God — 3 Comments

  1. I think our goal is 3 pair, and it should be easily achievable.  We’re like 35 days in to our 90 days and pair one is 60 with pair 2 at 30 as of last night, and pair 2 is actually much more efficient than pair 1 both in complimentary specs and also in the fact that I have a better idea of what I’m doing now so the Wookie doesn’t have to stop and explain stuff to me or tell me where to go to get X,Y or Z.

    If we really pushed I would think even with my effed up schedule we could probably do 4 all the way to 60, we’ll have to see though.

  2. Drunk hulk tank sounds AWESOME :)
    Oh, and we managed 2 pair to 60 and one to about 40 before our 3 months was up. That included a break in the middle because we were pretty sick of levelling by then.

  3. I’ve used the refer a friend…four times, but only two were successful. It’s amazing! I don’t like the fact that a newbie really doesn’t understand a lot of stuff until after they’ve been around the block a while. BUT I do endorse heavily going out and spending time alone. It’s vera vera helpful.
    Sounds like an interesting tank to say the least!