Another for the Bee Pit — 4 Comments

  1. LOL, nice graphic Zel. Alongside the why-video people should go the pugs that say, “Oh yup, I know the fight…” and then prove absolutely that they do not by say, dragging a big slime through the group, or trying to DPS Muradin.
    I’ve started imagining the bee pit as sort of operatic. Beeeeeeeee Piiiiiiiiiiittttt! (Sung by a busty cartoon lady in a valkyrie costume.)

    • People should know by now that the fights in raids, even old raids, have enough tricks that you can’t just fake your way through it and faceroll.  You will get busted when you croak to something that is a prominent strat point.  We think 4 horsemen is a joke now, but those who don’t know the mechanics will easily let their marks stack up and will be confused why they are suddenly dead.