I need frost badgers.  38 to be exact.  Since we are working on Sir Lich King and are not going to reset anytime soon, I’m going to be farming badgers from doing randoms and the weekly.

Now, you say, that’s 19 badgers a week and you’ll get them in 2 weeks! Nope, not so much.

  • On raiding nights (3 of them) I don’t have time to both raid and then do an instance.
  • On some non-raiding nights I may be doing other stuff… IRL!

On a given non-raiding night when I’m not doing other stuff, I login, do my random… and then what? Sometimes I’m done with my random in 30 minutes. I don’t have a million alts. I have 2 alts at level 80, so I guess I could cycle through them and farm frost badgers on them. But who the hell cares if my alts get frost badgers? It is a priority that I get badges on my main, and the alts can wait.

I would absolutely love if we could do our randoms for frosties over the week on our own time. Blizzard may think it’s helping casuals by limiting it to one-frost-run-per-night, but that assumes a casual playstyle that not every casual player has. Many casual players have fewer nights with long playtimes rather than short snippets every day.


I want to do randoms on my time, not theirs — 11 Comments

  1. So, is your idea that you’d have a certain number of weekly frost-badge resets to spend in the dungeon finder, and that you could choose to do all seven of them (say) in one night, or spread out over the whole week?
    Interesting! I think I might like that. :)

    • Exactly.  Say the first 7 randoms you do in a weekly reset give frosties, and after that it’s just triumph.  I’d probably do 2-3 in the nights where I’m not raiding.  I may not hit 7 in a week, but I’d be doing better than I currently am!

  2. This:
    “Many casual players have fewer nights with long playtimes rather than short snippets every day.
    Would be nice if they capped the number per week, rather than by the day.

    • I know many people whose spouses don’t play wow who get designated “wow nights”.  In their household “let me login for 30 for my badges” won’t fly on a non-wow night.

  3. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I could have sworn they were talking about doing that in Cataclysm? The points you earn each week (instead of the current emblems) are capped per week and not per day. Or so I believed. I do hope that is so, because it’s a lot easier for some to do a lot in one or two settings rather than having to logon every day and do a little.

  4. I’d love to see that work for all dailies tbh. Take the ones which give rep, it would be wonderful if you could do a weeks worth in one night, rather than feeling you had to log every day.

  5. I can understand this concern. I am generally a little reluctant about changes in wow that make gaining rewards easier – especially because i think most things in wow are already way too comfortable – but in this particular case I really don’t see a difference. if they let us gain 2 frostbadges per day, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get your 14 on the same day rather than on a weekly base.