Why, oh why, do I do pugs?  Oh right, because I need the badgers.

Last night I’m on my priest in Heroic Violet Hold (good, quick!) and we get as our first boss…

That stupid guy with the balls.  The exploding balls.  Even the balls jokes can’t make up for how much he sucks.  No dirty joke intended because I hate him so much.

Blah blah exit strategy blah blah balls

Well, the tank fails to kite for whatever reason, and I’m too busy pulling every healing cooldown I have out of my spellbook to keep us alive – not like I had the spare time to tell him to “KITE KITE LIKE YOU MEAN IT.”  Eh, we died anyway.

As we’re running back the conversation goes like this:

Tank: Sorry, my bad, I forgot that I was supposed to kite this one.

Mage: Cmon Healz

Me: Wait, are you blaming ME for this?

Tank: Dude, it was my fault.

(silence from Mage)

Now,  maybe I was irrationally irate due to being engaged in a potty-related war of the wills all night with a stubborn toddler who got the stubborn gene from her momma, but I wasn’t about to take that crap from Mr. Mage.

So I initiated a vote kick… and it PASSED.  At least 2 (?) other people agreed with me that Mr. Mage was regrettably destined for the bee pit.

The next try went without incident, with me complimenting the tank on his kiting, and him complimenting me on my healing.  How civilized.

The next time someone is a jackass, it doesn’t hurt to try to vote kick. The rest of the members might be as fed up with that shit as you are.


Bee Pit Democracy — 13 Comments

  1. Haha, I thought you were going to condemn Xevozz himself to the Bee Pit, and was thinking “But…but he has such a great voice actor and awesome lines!”


  2. I got fed up with dps’ers rolling on tanking items while I was on my warrior alt.  Lost out on plenty of upgrades to people who were either “working on their tank set” or just didn’t know any better.

    So, the other night, I ran regular ToC about 6 times to get the Black Heart.  Sure enough, two of our dps are a pally and dk.  The pally announces at the beginning that he is working on an off-set, and I notice that he has the Royal Crest of Lorderan equipped.  After the first fight, his dps is abyssmal, and he asks if a helm with Int is an upgrade.

    I voted his ass to the curb.  And the Black Heart dropped, and I won it.

    Problem was, he was from our server, so he whispers me to chew me out about, how is he ever going to improve if people kick him out of groups.  My response “You’re not pulling your weight and you’re going to roll on my shit.” /ignore

    Might have been a little harsh, but it was a long day, and I am sick of people who are building a tank set but don’t have the balls to actually, y’know, tank, but at the same time, they can’t even contribute modest dps.

    • There’s NO WAY you should have to roll against a non-tank on a tanking trinket, especially one who is being carried through.  Epic. Fail.

      • Oh, and this came after losing a Need roll on Essence of Gossamer to a dk that was dps’ing.  Thankfully, I said “You need a tanking trink?” and he apologized, said it was a mistake, and traded it back to me.

        • Remind me to bring my priest to more heroics with you. I will roll on all plate, strength, block, parry, stamina and expertise gear. After all, it’s important that the healer not die!

  3. That was certainly a short fuse.

    Or maybe it’s just another normal consequence of combining emblem rewards with the LFG tool.

    For those who love undermanning dungeons, here is a basic trick you can use. Ask guild members to log onto their level appropriate alts to form a full party/ Use the LFG to quickly enter a specific or random dungeon, and then your guildmates leave the party.

    If that does not work you can always whisper to appropriate level strangers offering them 10-25g for grouping with you 2 minutes (about 1/3 accepts the offer in my experience).

    We do that for most heroics too as we prefer to 3-man them lthese days.

  4. It annoys me when people just automatically assume that “omg someone died, you didn’t heal”.. forgetting stuff like.. oh they were standing in the nasty/taking cleave or whatever.. And the entire attitude is just thoroughly annoying of people in PUGs these days.

    And I second what Yngwe said.. I can’t stand it when I’m on my new paladin tank, trying really hard to gear up so I can be a good PUG tank and some dps rolls in and needs on “my” items. They’re not helping out by tanking dungeons, are they? I don’t mind people working on off-sets.. but the key word is OFF-set.. which means you don’t need on it if someone in there as the MAIN-set doesn’t need it. Makes me go grrr

  5. You made me laugh with the good quick comment about Violet Hold!
    Zoomed in the other night, with a guildie tank, to witness someone in party moaning about how long Violet Hold took, 30 minutes wasted blah blah blah, didn’t pull their finger out and actually do any dps in the first fight, (we did tell them it would be quicker if they actually DID something!) whinged about the warrior tank charging in “why’d you run in?” and continued to whinge about Violet Hold while managing a total of about 300 dps in 2 waves.
    Couldn’t Bee Pit them quickly enough!