Warning this post contains spoilers

I am a long time gnome. If I can’t play a gnome, chances are I don’t want to play your class. Also your class is stupid and you are a poopeyhead. Does that make me a WoW bigot? Probably. I guess dwarves are okay, but that is only because they let us crash at their place for a while. So taller than 4 feet and I’m watching you with my beady gnomish eyes.

When Blizzard said months ago Operation Gnomeregan was coming. I was elated.  Finally my favorite race in WoW was getting some good old fashioned lore. Yeah we have bits here and there, but compared to the other races we might as well not. This was our chance.

We were finally going to go in and kick Mekgineer Thermaplugg’s small butt out of MY HOME TOWN. We were gonna wipe the floor with trogg corpses, and all would be right in the world! (Ignore the fact I one shot Thermaplug several times in the past month running the Lizard and Wookiee through for XP and phat lewts).

Today we reclaim! Today we liberate! Today we achieve the gnomish nocturnal chimera of freedom!

Last tuesday they finally rolled out Operation: Gnomeregan and I dutifully went to Tinker Town to help out. I liked the motivating citizens via device. I loved the riding off with them all trailing in mechanostriders. The tank testing was fun. The speech trials had a nice nod to the West Wing and the gnome responses were funny.

But overall I felt the whole thing was too short (no pun intended you heightist oppressor!). The battle was fun, and short.

The gain of securing the surface ultimately felt like a let down. Especially since I was hoping for a deeper outpost for the gnomes to have control of in the city as a net result. It seems like Blizzard took the all too common approach of “haha the gnome plan had a comical setback due to an all-too-predictable mechanical malfunction”, and quite frankly I was hoping for something more.

On the plus side I got the Gnomeregan Pride item which makes me a snazzy Gnome Marine and I got the Gnome cape (decorative no stats).

Guess what I'm wearing when I kill Arthas.

It is a fun way to spend 30 minutes in game, but as a big Gnome fan I feel let down.

Final grade: B- (Would have been an A if there was more to do, or the net result had been more significant.)

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