Ever since I initiated a vote kick to remove a rude pug group member last week and it passed, I feel the powah.  This is probably a bad thing, since I am undeniably irritable and kind of an ass about people being asses.

Last night, well I got Oculus for the second time.  People were playing dumb, but whatever, at least they were being civil.  During the last fight on the drakes, the tank who had said earlier in the run that he hadn’t tanked this particular instance before, was unable to pull the boss off the mouthy death knight, who died.

Now, we were going to win anyway so Mr. DK could have just lay there dead and collected his badges and rolled on loot.  But no, he couldn’t do that.  He had to start foully cursing out the tank.

Maybe it was because I spent part of the afternoon in the ER with Twig (who is fine, by the way), but I was not having that at all.  I initiated a vote kick mid-combat and it quickly passed.  Have fun re-queuing for your badges, buddy.

I should probably toss myself in the bee pit again, since it seems the dick move to be booting someone right before the completion of an instance.  But I am sick and tired of people who think they can just berate other people and that other people just have to take it.  And I guess the people who agreed with my assessment and voted to kick him as well also deserve the bee pit.  Maybe.

I’m thinking of starting a zero-tolerance policy for jerks. They act jerky in any way and I initiate a vote kick. Maybe it passes, maybe it doesn’t… would be interesting to see who else is also fed up with people being jerks.  Hrm… maybe create an excel spreadsheet with numbers.


I’m getting to be a jerk about bee pit democracy — 22 Comments

  1. I’ve been kicking people right and left lately. Most recently, we were in the Nexus and had gotten through all the bosses but the last. On our way from giant rock guy to dragon lady (why, no, I don’t memorize boss names), we noticed that the mage had never moved from the rock dude’s area.
    I voted to kick, it passed and the DK that came in just in time to kill the dragon got the easiest badges of his week, I am sure.

  2. Just remember, Blizz is tracking how often you kick people.  The less you initiate kicks, the easier it is to kick them (for example, no 15 cooldown at the start of the instance).  I try to save kicks for when it really counts.

    • I thought of that.  So far, I haven’t been confronted with the “you may not kick” message, and I’ve been much more proactive lately about being the group member to initiate the kicks for prolonged AFK, extended disconnects, etc.

  3. <blockquote>[I]t seems the dick move to be booting someone right before the completion of an instance</blockquote>

    That’s one way to look at it. On the other hand, that’s the only way to get somebody’s attention who’s being a jerk. For the most part, people are not running heroics for the gear, they want the badges. Kicking them late may be the only way to really drive home the point that some behaviour is just not acceptable. I mean, maybe it won’t work anyway, but if anything will, that’s the time to do it. :)

    The new policy, of giving you a shorter kick timer if you haven’t kicked much lately, doesn’t really help deal with jerks. Instead, it puts some pressure on everyone else to “suck it up”, which is like treating the symptoms rather than the disease.

    That said, I rarely kick people myself. If someone is being persistently awful, I’m much more likely to just remove myself from the group. I have many other characters I can play while I wait for a deserter debuff to fall off, so unless it’s clear the rest of the group is also sick of the offender too, I’d rather not spend my time trying to teach people the manners they ought to have learned in Kindergarten. :)

    • I get a (possibly sick) surge of joy when I manage to pass a vote kick because it’s like “That’s right, it’s not just me, you ARE a jerk and at least 2 people agree with me.”  You don’t know if they agree unless you try, right?

  4. You do not belong in the bee pit! The whole purpose of the vote kick system is to get rid of jerks. I vote kick freely and unrestrainedly if someone is either endangering the group or being an arse. I do not care if my kicking cooldown gets increased. I suppose I already have a zero tolerance policy for asshattery.

  5. I never really vote kick people, so when I had a complete jerk at the start of an instance I expected to not have the 15 minute rule.. I still did.. totally unfair!
    Some people definitely deserve to be kicked and I’m all for the zero tolerance rule!
    As a side note, that last fight in Oculus is really silly to get upset about. From what I can remember the red drake doesn’t have a taunt of any kind, so if a dps or healer drake starts off sooner it seems nearly impossible to get the aggro back (or even onto you if they started before you). So most likely the DK got himself killed too!

    • As I understand it, the red drake does have SOME ability to deal with the whelps so they don’t bite your face off.

      The time before this, they bit my face off.  I died on the platform next to the chest.  The Pally tank dismounted, looted, and left.  Didn’t rez me.  Jerk.

      No big deal, you can collect loot while you’re dead, right?  However you cannot collect your bag o’ goodies while dead. You have to run back, grab a new drake, fly back to the chest through any remaining uglies, and lewt it your damn self.  Epic fail.

      • This can actually really mess you up. I once died in heroic Oculus as you described, but before I could manage to zone back in, they had killed Eregos, looted the box, and everyone else had dropped group. I zoned back in to find I was in a freshly-reset instance. :(
        I wouldn’t have thought this possible, since I ought to have been locked, but the dungeon finder is sort of weird about instance locks, so who knows? It’s also possible the bosses didn’t reset, only the trash, but whatever it was, I couldn’t get my satchel.  Not the end of the world, certainly, but I was kind of annoyed given that it had been a pretty terrible group.

        • Oh yes, if the group disbands in the meantime, you are screwed!  Fortunately I had two guildies in that group with me so while they were unable to rez me, they were able to stay grouped with me and stay in the instance so I could come back and loot my bag o’ goodies.

  6. I initiate vote to kicks for jerks all the time. I’m usually pretty oblivious as to what’s going on in my group, but if someone’s annoying me, I’ll give them the boot.
    I don’t mind bad or lazy players, most 5 mans are so stupid that I probably wouldn’t even notice if I was 2 manning them, but I’m not going to put up with people who are annoying.

  7. I don’t kick jerks often, I’m pretty patient, but the a few days ago I votekicked the tank right at the start of PoS.  It took a little while for everyone to press ‘join dungeon’, but no big deal right?  Not so.  The tank zoned in and promptly came out with “FFS, learn to press buttons quicker you spaccers”.  Now I’ll lot alot of things slide, but having a disabled mum I don’t let derogatory terms like that go.  The vote was passed, the tank was kicked, but he promptly made an alt on my server and came to have a go at me.  How he knew it was me who voted for him I don’t know, maybe he came to swear at all of us, but he basically tried to make out I was overly sensetive and had ruined his day cos I was stupid.  I just ignored him.

  8. I’m a big fan of the votekick option.  I have been known to votekick hunters that pull for me, and people that abuse the healer, but my favorite kick (actually more of a remove which is technically off topic) happened a few weeks ago.
    My mage needs his frost badges (badgers) so I start a pug for the weekly raid.  It’s patchwerk, and it takes a few minutes to form a group, but before long we’re off to Naxx and doing our trash clears.  A DK, formerly QQing that we don’t need 2 tanks for Patch, was now complaining that the slightly undergeared offtank wasn’t keeping aggro well.  (He was doing fine).  We get to patch’s area, and he then decided that he’s bored waiting for patchwerk so he decides to ‘play frogger’ and perishes.  “lolz, can I get a rez?”  Now, patchwerk is walking our way and the two healers are starting to move forward to try to rez him before the boss comes in.  The tanks are a little confused at what just happened.
    Me:  “Healers, hold on that rez.”  *remove from group*  “OK, now he’s not our problem.  Tanks, pull when you’re ready.”
    We did just fine with 9 people, less one asshat.

  9. I rarely actually vote kick someone.  If there is a problem I call it out, and often those things cause reasonable people to fix it, and someone terrible to leave.  Occasionally you get someone who is simple trying to be bad, and those people I kick.  Bears in spell power cloth.  I won’t even try healing them.  They shoudln’t have queued, and I’m happy to tell them so.
    I still don’t yell or swear or insult their person.

  10. I am a very patient person and can put up with a lot of garbage.  What I don’t understand is the sense of entitlement that people think they have.  You want something…..work for it!  Do your job and don’t be a jerk!  This is how you get invited back.

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