Lately bloggers have been discussing then versus now:  Were things “better” in vanilla?  Do people who were here since vanilla treat the relative newcomers differently?

In keeping with the theme of this week (irritable and ranty), I have to say that elitist snots piss me off when they pull the “I was here first” card. It could be “I was here in Vanilla” or “Oh yeah, well I was in BETA before Vanilla” or “I was in this guild first” or “I did this content before anyone else.”

Let me spell it out for you: Nobody. Cares.  It is not relevant. It is just boastful at best and heinously annoying at worst.

If you are a hard-core raider, and you just came back from a 6-month break, I do not care that you downed Yogg before TOC came out.  I only care that you are undergeared for ICC at the moment and do not know the encounters.

If you were in beta and gave the developers detailed bug reports on your beloved class, so?  It only matters that you know what your class can currently do.  Your knowledge of beta means squat if you can’t keep current.

If you are an officer in a guild, I do not care how much work you put in when the guild was founded.  All those hours online!  Nope, don’t care.  I only care that you’re sitting on your ass NOW doing nothing.

Guilds that are based on these “firsts” cliques are doomed to fail.  Eventually the old members move on, and new members can never “replace” the old members – they always feel like second-class citizens since they can never go back in time and be on equal footing as the “original” members.  Eventually (or pretty soon) they move on.  Integrate new members or die.

So to these people who expect us to ooh and ahh – no.  You don’t get to coast on your past accomplishments. You have to keep on trucking, same as the rest of us.


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    • Well there’s not much to talk about nowadays except (1) things that piss me off and (2) Twig’s potty training.  Choose wisely.

  1. Hahaha, I get into this discussion with the officers in my guild all the time. They think it’s important whether someone raided MC or not. I don’t. It was an entirely different game back them. Whether or not someone raided in vanilla is about as relevant as knowing they raided in Everquest.

    • I also feel like it’s insulting to the newer recruits to suggest that they cannot possibly be as good a player as someone who raided Molten Core.  Like the wow-thing is SO difficult they could POSSIBLY have caught up in like 2+ years…

    • True story – I had to tell a priest in full 25-man current-tier gear that you could use Prayer of Healing on groups other than your own.  He was surprised.  It had only been implemented 6+ months earlier. /facepalm

  2. Amen.  Spread the word!  As much as I like that I’ve played that long, it is entirely irrelevant to your classes abilities NOW.  Blizzard is really quite good about training raiders as you go along–you don’t need old content raids at the appropriate level to learn the dance steps for THIS boss.

    • Even if your old experience does help you play better now… there’s some point where there’s diminishing returns on that experience.  A player who has been in game 6 months is probably better than a player with 3 months experience.  But when you start getting to 2 years versus 4 years, does it really matter that much.  It only takes a certain amount of time to learn to play, and anything beyond that is “gravy.”

  3. You are all WRONG, I played since Beta, and I’m the shiznit.

    Seriously it is harder to raid these days cause when in 40 man raids we we’re probably carrying 10 people as dead weight. With lesser numbers of people doing the raid it means it’s easier to hold everyone accountable.

    Things were harder in terms of making gold, grinding levels, and that such which longer grind means you played your toon more, and geez if you were a raid leader in Vanilla you were a god in my book. You try to deal with 40 people on a raid, trying to be on the same page. Not to mention dealing with the uber guilds it took to pull 40 people together for raids. 

    Does it make me better I played since Beta, no it doesn’t. Does it make me more experienced at some of the pitfalls of this game, I think it does.

    I think the whole deal is that us old timers feel we invested ALOT of ourselves into this world of Azeroth, and you kids come around with your nifty deathknights, and your duel specced toons, and we get a little jealous, and pissed cause we had to work for our shit, we feel you folks took a short cut.

    • Sure you get your “street cred” but I’m not going to automatically assume that you can put out higher DPS numbers than someone who started when BC launched.

  4. As far as class abilities go, I think that having played for a long time actually confuses me more at times than it helps. Especially on my alts I frequently catch myself thinking that things work a certain way, but actually they were changed three patches ago and now it’s all different again. 😛

    • Isn’t that ALWAYS the problem with neglected alts.  I leveled my druid to 60 in Vanilla and then didn’t pick up druiding again until halfway through WOTLK.  It was basically relearning.