I joined a 25 for the first time in a while, and it went smashingly well, but I realized that I have some wisdom to share with you.


  1. Say as little as possible
  2. Always be polite
  3. Be patient
  4. Know when to be persistent and when to let it drop
  5. Know the ground rules that are important to you

Now each of those in detail.

Say as Little as Possible

Whatever you’d say in your usual 10 man team, lower it by oh… 80%. Seriously. For example: on Marrowgar, unless you are a hunter, do not say “I am spiked.” You will be in there with everyone else, and it will be obvious that you are in fact spiked. Your “I’m spiked” blending with 2 other voices may obscure needed information.

Always Be Polite

Now, since you’re following the above rule, and saying very little, it will be VERY easy when you do speak or type, to remember to say please and thank you when appropriate. Seriously. You only will be heard or read a couple of times in the raid. Make a good impression those times, or at very least, not a crappy impression.

When you leave the raid at the end of the night, SAY THANK YOU if you want to be invited back. Kindergarten stuff, here.

Be Patient

The cat herder has a lot on his plate. If you ask a question and you don’t get an immediate answer, don’t immediately lose your shit. If it is truly important, ask again in a few minutes when things have calmed down. See the next category:

Know When To Be Persistent And When To Let It Drop

If you have an important question that needs to be answered, you may have to ask multiple times and in multiple ways. For example, you will need to know vent info. Saying “I asked in raid and nobody answered meeeeee” is really no excuse. Ask politely, and if you do not get an answer right away, repeat the question in a few minutes, perhaps after a few more new people have joined the raid. Alternatively, you can send a tell to a raid leader or to someone in the same guild as the raid leader requesting the vent info.

This is where common sense comes into play:

  • Do you need an answer when the group is not yet full?  No. Don’t ask 5 times.
  • Do you need an answer when the group is starting to pull trash? Maybe. Start pestering.
  • Do you need an answer when you’re about to pull the first boss? Oh for sure. Click no to your ready check if it gets that far.

Other essential questions may include: clarification on a specific boss strategy (better to be sure than to wipe the raid), whether there are healing assignments or a special healer channel.

If a question is not essential, it is probably not worth repeating multiple times or bugging the raid leader about if you don’t get an answer the first time. Just let it go and use your best judgment. If you request a summon and nobody responds right away, it may be quicker and easier to simply fly from Dalaran than to repeat the request. If you don’t get an answer to “what side am I supposed to be on?” just pick a side and be done with it.

Know the Ground Rules that Are Important to You

What ground rules?

  • How is loot handled?
  • What time are we ending?
  • What bosses are we doing?

I say “that are important to you” because in trying to say as little as possible, there’s no point asking a question where you don’t care about the answer.  If you’re just there for the badges, then don’t worry about loot.

Now, here’s where you have to know whether to be persistent or be quiet (see above). If ending time is a deal breaker for you, you absolutely need to communicate that up-front, preferably before the raid starts, in case they would prefer to replace you, or so they have ample time to line up a replacement. It is better for you and the raid leader to understand each other right from the start than for you to “assume” that the raid ends at midnight, be wrong, and be in the uncomfortable position of dropping group suddenly (RUDE!) or showing up to work the next day a zombie (undesirable).

Do you have anything to add?


Be the best cat you can be for the 25 man cat-herders — 4 Comments

  1. “Whatever you’d say in your usual 10 man team, lower it by oh… 80%.”
    What?  Everyone doesn’t chatter about mundane things in the middle of the boss fight and NOT miss what the raid leader is saying?  😉
    Hehe, remember the old 40 man raids when vent was this huge list of people and everyone but the RL was required to type in special chat channels?  My old guild had to have a music bot in vent to keep people from talking over the raid leader.

    • I think there are ways to have moderated vent channels so only certain people can speak at all.  The thing I hate is the dude with the open mic who has a sinus problem and you can just hear him… breathing.

  2. A great list: In addition to “say little”, I’d also add “speak precisely”. If you’re in need of assistance, give your name. Even in groups that raid together a lot, not everyone’s going to recognize your voice.

    So: “Laranya needs a cleanse please” is better than “disease on me!”