Google analytics just insists that people are searching for “grid leader icon.”

The only plugin I found that will show a “leader” (party or raid) was GridStatusParty.  It will show different color boxes for party leader, raid leader, raid assistant, and master looter.  However, it will NOT show icons. Not combined with another addon, not if you ask it nicely.  No icons.

Yeah, I wish I had better news. Honestly, I’m kinda perplexed why so many people want this feature.  When you’re mid-healing, meh, who cares who the raid leader or master looter is.  You can always open the raid interface and find that out.

Anything else you want to know how to do in Grid?


Search Query: Leader Icons In Grid — 2 Comments

  1. I love Grid, and use it on my priest and druid for healing. I usually heal on my priest, so I’ve memorized what little corner clor means what for trasking my sells on a target – but on my lesser-played druid, I get confused easily.

    Now, I’ve seen screenshots of people’s Grid setups where instead of a colored square, the actual spell icon appears in the various corners. I know VuhDo does this, but I really prefer Grid.

    I’ve Google searched this (Mr. Google F. Search and I are friends, promise!) but I can’t seem to locate a plug-in that will do this for me, or find any instructions on how to set it up this way.

    If you come across anything, please do write a post about it! :)