While searching for yesterday’s query, I came across all sorts of new fun grid plugins. I’m totally geeking out.

For those of you who find grid hard to set up because you have to make a huge mental leap to visualize where “top left corner,” (shut up that I sometimes don’t know left from right) there’s GridConfigIcons.

Check out this stock photo from Curse:

See?  Isn’t that cute?  It shows you where all the stuff will show up on your frame.

Other plugins that I found will be revealed next week!  Byeeeee!


Cute Grid Plugin for Making Setup Easier — 3 Comments

  1. Ooooh I likey!  I’m going to have to browse the Grid plugins too, then… I haven’t checked them in a few months!

  2. Ooooooh…very nice touch to Grid!
    GridStatusRaidDebuff is also a must have…it is absolutely delicious, and for me has not failed me yet.  I can always have the Icons installed as a backup if I need to make my own alert for a debuff before it is actually ‘patched in.’