You zone into an instance using the dungeon finder, and you realize that you have no idea who was assigned to be tank. After all, that person is the main focus of your healing. Now, you click through the members of your group until you find the tank… but ideally you’d want that to show up in Grid, right? So while you’re in the thick of healing, you have a reminder “I R MAIN TANK, HEAL MEH.”

Well never fear, there’s a plugin for that.

Dungeon Role Indicators

Step 1: Cut a hole in the box.

Wait… I mean, download GridStatusDungeonRole.


Now, you can select colors for DPS, Healer, and Tank. You can also hide while in combat. Why the hell would you want to do that? Kinda defeats the purpose of drawing attention to the tank.

You can also filter by role:

This makes a lot of sense.  Instead of looking at a sea of differently-colored boxes, you might want to only highlight the tank, or the tank and the healer.  I’d leave the DPS out, since… if they’re not the tank or the healer, they’re obviously DPS.

Display as Boxes

Select a corner or side – wherever – and check “dungeon role” to get your boxes.  I selected the bottom-center of my grid frame.

And let’s see how it looks, in practice (it’s the indicator on the bottom of the box):

Meh, that’s kinda fail.  Like i said, I’d filter out the dumb DPS.1

Display as Text

To do this, you’ll need a text indicator plugin, such as GridIndicatorSideText or GridIndicatorCornerText.

Set up the same way as above, but make sure you use the corner/side text option.

And the result:

Even more fail, no? It was so fail that I accidentally let the healer die while I was taking the screenie.  Oops.2

Display as Icons

To do this you’ll need an icon indicator plugin, such as GridIndicatorCornerIcons, GridIndicatorSideIcons, or GridIndicatorIconBar. Don’t use the center icon.  The center icon is sacred.3

Again, setup is the same, except make sure to use the center/side/whatever icon option.

And the result is very pretty! (though I would still filter out DPS)

So pretty that nobody died.  I approve.

Does this work for Raids?

No! Fail! I will discuss a raid solution tomorrow.  The suspense is killing you right?

  1. In this instance, I am playing the role of “dumb dps.”  Shhh.
  2. The healer was Alas’s husband, whom Alas killed by wtfpwning him in the face with an arcane thingy while she was mind controlled. At least that’s what she claims.
  3. More on center icon usage for raid debuffs in a planned subsequent article – get psyched.

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