As promised, I’ll tell you how to mark main tanks in Grid. This method works for:

  • Main tanks designated in a raid through the default Blizzard raid interface.
  • The person assigned the role of “tank” in a instance entered using the dungeon finder interface.

Main Tanks Ahoy

You knew you’d have to download a plugin, right? GridStatusMTs. Go get it.


You don’t get to select a color.  Lame.

Display as Boxes

And here’s what it looks like.

A plain brown box on the top of the other druid’s frame. Honestly, I’ve been running with this for a while. It’s simple and does the trick.

Display as Text

To do this, you’ll need a text indicator plugin, such as GridIndicatorSideText or GridIndicatorCornerText.

Set up the same way as above, but make sure you use the corner/side text option.

And here is how it looks:

Fail. Total fail.  I hates it, precious.

Display as Icons

To do this you’ll need an icon indicator plugin, such as GridIndicatorCornerIcons, GridIndicatorSideIcons, or GridIndicatorIconBar. Don’t use the center icon.1

Again, setup is the same, except make sure to use the center/side/whatever icon option.

And the result:

It is HIDEOUS. It BURNS.  Worst. Icon. Ever.

But wait!  We can fix it.

Go back into the config and change the MT icon to the Blizzard Main Tank Icon.

And now how does it look?

Omg CUTE! Right? CUTE! I approve. And, sure enough, this is what I’m using for my tank indicator in both raids and instances.

Final Result

I’m using GridStatusDungeonRole filtered to show healer only in dungeon finder instances2 and using GridStatusMTs for all my tank-display needs in both raids and dungeon finder instances.

This is how my setup looks in a random. Fancy!

  1. Didn’t I already tell you this yesterday? The Raid-Debuff-In-Center-Icon post is coming, promise.
  2. See yesterday’s article on dungeon roles in grid.

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