As I’ve been telling you, the center icon is our friend. The center icon is sacred. And the center icon is what you need to use for raid debuffs.

If you are not using the center icon for raid debuffs, you are DOING IT WRONG.1


Download GridStatusRaidDebuff.  It includes all relevant raid debuffs you’ll need to know about in raids.  For non-Northrend raids – meh I dunno.  Maybe it has it, maybe it does not.

“But Zel,” you say. “You don’t need a plugin for this.  You can just add in debuffs in the grid default interface.”

You wanna do data entry in Grid, adding each and every debuff you might see in a raid? Fabulous. And then set priorities for each and every status, and then check ALL THE BOXES? Have fun with that. I’ll download the plugin, thanks.

Configuring GridStatusRaidDebuff

Now, there are a lot of options for this. They list every debuff in every instance. TOUCH NOTHING. I super-mean it.2 These people who write this shit know what they’re doing. Let them work their magics.

You're tempted, I can tell...

... but leave these settings alone!


Put Raid Debuff in the center icon. Do not put anything else there.

See, wasn’t that easier than adding in every status manually and checking multiple boxes?

Configure the Center Icon

From here you can size it.  I like it pretty big, so you can see the icon clearly.

You should “Enable Icon Stack Text.”  This comes in very handy when seeing “how many stacks” of whatever are on the tank.

You can also “Enable Icon Cooldown Frame.”  That gives you the rotating clock-hand on cooldowns that you get on your spells on the default blizzard action bars.  More accurately, it’s not so much a “cooldown” as a “time until effect expires.”

And, of course, examples:

This is the lich king's infest. It's very easy to see who has infest, in this case EVERYONE.

It is easy to see now that only 2 people have infest. It highlights that they must be healed immediately.

Oh noes, I am web wrapped!

Notice how one of the tanks has several stacks. The other has one stack. You can (barely) see the icon "sweep" countdown until it will disappear.

Oh noes, we all have multiple stacks of zombie ick!

Numerical Countdowns

Now this “hand sweep” to show me when a debuff is gonna fade is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  You can barely see it, even with a big icon like I have.

Download: GridCooldownText

Then configure it:

Not much to config.  Just font size, really.

Now, examples:

See the tiny little countdown for the ick.

It can get a little crowded with both stacks and countdown showing.

What About Instances?

GridStatusRaidDebuff_Dungeons is a plugin that, used in conjunction with GridStatusRaidDebuff, will show you “the ick” for Northrend Instances.  This is useful to see who is standing in the ick.

Silenced. Fail.

I'm impaled, the tank has some stacks, the DK has been hit with something-or-other. We are in bad shape.

  1. Ok not really. I’m being melodramatic. But I do think  other ways miss out on stack info, as you will see.
  2. Anybody want a peanut?


Tracking Raid Debuffs in Grid — 11 Comments

    • If I had my way, everyone, even non-healers, would use grid with this plugin. How else are you supposed to tell how many stacks are on the tank? It’s far easier to look to see the status of the other tank and know when you have to taunt than to wait for the audio over vent (which is, of course, delayed).

      • I have SBF set up to display things like buffs on my enemies and debuffs on my friends in this one area.  And it’s right next to their frame.
        Then again, I realize this means I have to have the tank as my target (or my focus, have one for that, too).
        Oh well, when Cata hits, I plan to do a restart of using Grid, instead of having five million plugins I don’t know what do anymore.

  1. Hey Zelmaru,

    I have followed these steps but I still cannot see the dang Debuffs :( . Is there a bug I could be missing? Grid is making me all kinds of sad, but these posts are helping for a lot of these issues. Also, until I can find an icon countdown (like Grid2 had) you reminded me that I can just use number countdowns.

      • Well dang. Thanks for the quick reply though! I have been using the Curse Client for all the updates, do you find there are more addons for Grid available through WoWAce?

        • Wowace sometimes has alphas and betas of plugins before they are released.  It’s useful after a patch if your grid plugins are incompatible. If you go to the wowace page and want to install something, you can do it via the curse client (there are two clickys on the ace page – one to download regularly, one to download via client).  You can’t SEARCH for the alphas on the client, but you can download via client once you’re on the wowace page.

          • Great thanks! I will take a look there. I would just like my Grid to look like it used to. :( It made my healing life so much easier!