As many of you may know I do have a level 80 warlock. I want all the mages out there to know that the warlock is purely for academic purposes, you know “know thine enemy so as better to fireball him in the face.” When it is time for serious caster DPS, Mr. Emolock sits on the bench.

I was looking at the new Warlock talent trees to see what had changed, and I came across the 21pt Inferno talent which allows Mr. Cheater Lock to channel Hellfire while moving. This got me to thinking that this will be coming soon:

We are about to be playing in some strange times.


Coming Soon — 1 Comment

  1. Looks awesome 😉
    I tried Hellfire on the Beta though.. and it’s doing way too much damage to yourself. With healers strained for mana I doubt we’ll get to use it much *sniff*