Real ID and Parental Controls — 10 Comments

  1. That is indeed a fail of cataclysmic proportions. The Real ID stupidity continues it seems.
    Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  2. From a social engineering point of view, these guys are such pikers.  Time and time again, they exhibit complete tone deafness to matters relating to, well, people.
    Don’t put Twig on the system, she will never be allowed to grow up.

  3. Seriously, what happens if I got WoW for my 14 year old in 2004 and now he’s 19? Must I manage his account forever? (This is purely hypothetical, if I had a 19 year old, he’d have been born when I was 8.)
    Dear Blizzard, basic biology dictates that kids grow up.

  4. Actually I had the same problem but when I called they actually sent me a link to a form that you can fill out that basically says “Your kid is now old enough to not need parental controls” and then you send/fax/email to them.  The URL I have is:
    If the account is in your kids name they want to see your ID and your Kid’s ID.  If it is in your name just your ID info.  Support _should_ have told you this.    You can’t just flip off parental controls, but you can take them off if you need to.
    The RealID implementation…that is a separate issue.

    • Oh wow, thanks! Where do you select that you want to disable/deactivate parental controls? It’s not an option on the form.

  5. While the inability to disable Parental Controls is definitely a big mistake – I’m also very concerned about how easy they made it for people to logon (just by clicking an e-mail). Cause in the end, it’s a lot easier to hack someone’s e-mail than their WoW account these days (since our e-mails don’t have authenticators), so it’s really just a big, fat liability and security flaw.

    • All the more reason I want to get rid of parental controls so all my account settings are under the safe umbrella of my authenticator.

  6. I’m definitely glad they made the changes to RealID…those were my 2 biggest concerns. I can use RealID again!
    And yes, it’s a pain about the parental controls. I noticed the same thing about clicking the link to the email after I’d logged off and then it told me my old link had expired. Hrmmm.

    • I’m probably gonna try Goldie’s suggestion above and fax them in a form with ID and see where it goes. I was wary of sending off a copy of my driver’s license, but since I’ve already had to do that for the account name change to my married name, whatever. They already have my stupid driver’s license.

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