I downloaded the update for GCD the other day.  You know, GCD… the addon that creates a little spark around your cursor to show you when the GCD will be up AND shows another spark for cast time.  It can show other junk like cooldowns, but we won’t dwell on that.


The Old

Anyway, this is the GCD I’m used to:

One spark: for the GCD

Two sparks - one for GCD, another for cast time (green).

The Brand-Spankin New

Imagine my shock and awe at seeing this:

GCD display

And the casting time

And both GCD and cast bar displayed.

Looks a little like the not-recently-updated Cast Donut, eh?

Essential Elements

Ok, before we dig into the menus, here is kind of a map for the elements of this new circle.

I am an artiste, no?

Now, when we look at the menus, you’ll know what is supposed to control what part of which ring.


Main Menu

First things first, the main menu.  I left the defaults alone. Attach to cursor is important if you are using it for watching GCD’s while healing. Otherwise you might as well be using Quartz.

Outer Ring

Keep it if you’d like, but I find it a damn nuisance and it doesn’t add much. Just uncheck “enabled” to get rid of it.

Disable the failring.


Now we get to the meat of stuff: let’s start with the GCD circle.  You can adjust the color of the bar which moves around the circle, the color of the “spark” which shows the end of the bar, and the color of the background.

If you want it to look “old school” you can select “show spark only.”


That’s pretty simple.  Adjust the color and go.


You can also adjust the alpha/opacity of all the aspects of the circle in the color interface.1

I like blue.  I have the spark at 100% opacity, the bar at 80% opacity, and the background at 50% opacity so it doesn’t come on too strong.  Here’s how it looks.

If you want to get rid of a certain effect, you will fade out the alpha or opacity to zero when choosing the color.

For example, let’s say I hated having a background.  I’d set the opacity to zero, and this would be the result.

I thought I would like this setup, but I ended up preferring a “faded” background to no background at all.


I left the defaults alone, but it’s basically how big the circle is.  If you adjust this, make sure your circles aren’t all on top of each other.

Cast Bar

This is all the same stuff as GCD.  Bar, Spark, Radius, except there’s….


Kinda like Quartz, actually exactly like Quartz, you can color-code your latency so you know when you can start casting again.

Yes, I chose orange and red because it’s most like Quartz.

Spell Text

My feeling on this is: Don’t tell me what I’m casting.  I know what I’m casting.  I just hit the damn button.  But if you like a reminder, you can enable this.


You can configure GCD to show you time left until certain cooldowns are up, and configure which spells are shown how they’re displayed.

Now, here’s how it is displayed.  I promise it’s on the top-left of the cursor, but when you take a screenie, the cursor disappears.

I gotta be honest, it’s probably not the ideal way to track CD’s. I’d use power auras or a similar addon rather than this one.  I feel like it’s just TMI on the cursor.


For, ya know, when you’re gonna melee?

The circle is small (it sits inside the GCD circle).

This screenie came at the cost of me doing craptacular DPS.

If I were going to use this for melee, I probably wouldn’t affix the circles to the cursor, since when you’re meleeing your eye isn’t necessarily drawn to the cursor quite the same as when healing.

In Conclusion

I am super-excited that this is being updated now because not only does it look better and more useful, but if it’s being updated NOW it’s more likely to be updated and work with Cata.  Get excited folks!

Edit: 12/3/10 It TOTALLY works post-shattering.

  1. Unfortunately you can’t take a screenie with the color/opacity window open, so no screenies of that.  Use your imagination.


GCD (the addon) got a facelift — 4 Comments

  1. Well, it sure beats using a 1-button BarTender bar with a Scroll of Fortitude on it as a GCD timer (a surprisingly effective method, actually – substitute fort scroll with anything else that has a relatively plain (and preferably circular) icon, and that you’re unlikely to cast whilst in combat, such as Far Sight)

    • It honestly seems a better method than the barely-visible “ticker” that is on the Quartz casting bar (fail) which was what sent me looking for this addon way back when.  It never occurred to me to use bartender/dominos in that way. I’m QUITE enjoying the new GCD (the addon)!

    • When I first saw it, my first thought was “omg, cast donut!” (which I had never tried because it was so out of date by the time I discovered its existence.) It seems like you can do it “cast donut” style, “old GCD style” or a hybrid of both.