I’ve talked about Grid Shield Left Tracking before, and, as with meters such as Recount or Skada, the shield strength is only a guesstimate. I tried a new absorbs plugin in lieu of GridStatusShield.

TL;DR: It is a newer and slightly less-customizable plugin, but may be more accurate than other options. It definitely is worth knowing about as an alternative, particularly if you are finding your current shield strength tracker to be inaccurate or your current tracker is not updated for 4.0/Cataclysm.

Shall we begin?



Now, you can set the color. The color is currently broken, and it will show up as green. Except when it randomly turns red, which is triggered by something that I have yet to figure out.

However, you can change the alpha. The default alpha is 50% which impairs visibility.  When you attempt to change the color, shift the slider all the way to the “+” to change the alpha value to 100%.  I’d love to have a screenshot, but printscreen refused to take one with the color selection window open.

Display (as Text)

Unlike GridStatusShield, there is no option to shift color as the shield is eaten.  Therefore, a box display will do you no good, as it will only indicate the presence of some sort of absorb effect, but not the strength.  You MUST display as text.  To do that, you will need a plugin such as GridIndicatorSideText or GridIndicatorCornerText, or you will need to use one of the center text options.

And how does it look?

As you can see, absorbs are green no matter what color I pick!

Here’s an example with the alpha set at 100% rather than 50%.  It does improve visibility considerably.


The absorb monitor does take into account Divine Aegis, same as GridStatusShield does (in the raid example above, compare the “self” box which has PW:S + Divine Aegis to the green box above it that only has PW:S.)

Now, when I use GridStatusShield, my bubbles are supposedly hitting for around 6-7k. According to this GridStatusAbsorbs, it’s 9-10k.  I don’t know which one may or may not be more accurate, since bubbles are only a guesstimate anyway.  However, under GridStatusShield, often my “shield value” will read as zero, but I will still have a bubble on the target, so there is obviously SOME shield remaining.  GridStatusAbsorbs did not have that problem.

Remember, It’s New

This is a new addon that has been updated a few times over the last week or so. It is extremely likely therefore that it will be up and going shortly after 4.0 hits, with the developer being so involved right now.  Therefore, I’m going to keep using it for a while to see if it gets more updates. After a few tweaks, it may turn out to be my new best friend.

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