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You guys (or for those with accents “youse guyz” or “y’all”) I am tired.  I stupidly went on a grid/addon writing rampage and 6 srs bzns posts in 2 weeks is just too much.

So yeah, on to the blog posts…

Gem Conversions

Guess I’m not the only one wearing herself out with srs bzns posts because holy crap, Angelya has been busy with that 4.0 Gem Conversion Guide.  Read it or be completely unprepared!


Grimmtooth talks about the problem of an indispensable raider, and what you can do about it. After all, nobody likes raiding to come to a grinding halt because that guy was on vacation.

Kitteh druid

Now I’m just DEPRESSED, because I’m finally going to have a character (albeit not my main) in cata where I do ZERO healing, and I got my 4 piece t-10 kitteh gear at great personal sacrifice, and now Jacemora reports that Kitteh dps is gonna suck as bad as frost mages.

And, Above All, Be Reasonable

Reasonable post day sayeth Klepsacovic!  Be there or it will be proof that you are an extremist.  And then we will mutter about you behind your back but not really do anything about it because, ya know, we’re reasonable.


Parliamentary Papers (avec whining) — 2 Comments

  1. This seems to be a common theme in the expansion: Whoever had the most fun will be the most nerfed and frustrated after the change. I can only presume it’s intentional.
    <i>”High and mighty DPS and healers will be brought down. On that day the GHOSTCRAWLER alone will be pleased.” — Isaiah 2:11</i>
    We Druids had the fortune of being very powerful in all three of our roles this past expansion; but the nerf bat’s a-comin’ down.

    • CRY.

      The thing is, I refuse to be a not-tree.  I became a druid to shapeshift, dammit, not to cast fairy dust as an elf.  And by shapeshift, I mean into something… DRUIDY!  Like a CAT.  Not into a fat owlbeast.