Ok, here’s the deal.

24 squares (middle is a freebie), 24 people you hate.

Left click to see the image full-size, then save it!

Can be Pugs.  Can be that dude on the auction house that is undercutting you.  Can be that guildie who refuses to gem.  Whatever.

You can make the entire card part of a “theme” (i.e. have your 24 “offenses” raiding-only) or have a more general “people I hate in WoW” sort of thing.

If you want to participate in the funsies, please send your completed card to me no later than Thursday, October 21 (Zelmaru [at] gmail [dot] com, because the murlocparliament address may not take attachments).  I will post the cards, in all their glory, on Friday, October 22.  And, of course, they will have a permanent place of honor on the bee pit page.

Edit: A few clarifications!

  1. It shouldn’t be names of specific people like Joe and Fred. Just activities and people that piss you off. Like “gogogogo guy”.
  2. If you want to post on your site/blog instead, that’s cool!  (I just wanted this to be open to non-bloggers too.) Drop me a line so I can link you. I’m aiming to make a consolidated bingo gallery on the bee pit page, for posterity!


Bee Pit Bingo — 9 Comments

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  2. I will try to do this, if I will not be able to make it until oct 21 oh well. but I will still send you the link of what mine is. lol i will probably just post this on my blog. lolx thanks for the funsies. =)

    • If you can’t make it by the “deadline”, no biggie.  I just set a “deadline” so that people would have something to shoot for and know when I would be posting it.

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