Don’t panic!

Load Out of Date Addons

I do this as a matter of course normally, but I do not recommend it for major content patches. If the addon hasn’t been and isn’t going to be updated for 4.0.1, you’re just asking for trouble if you continue to use it with reckless abandon. It will break eventually. You should start looking for a solution now, while everyone is having to revamp addons, rather than having it suddenly break on you when you boot up for raid night.

Try a different download site

Seriously. Some get their updates faster than others, depending on the addon.

  • Has most major addons and an installer.
  • contains alpha and beta versions of addons as well.
  • selected addons available. It puts a lovely (4.0.1) next to addons that were updated for 4.0.1, making it easier to find the recently updated ones.  Plus – check out the CATACLYSM page for a list of addons that are cata-ready.

Consider an Alpha or Beta version

WowAce has a lot of alpha/beta versions for download, including the beloved GRID.1 I’m not going to wait for release. I need grid NOW.

Wait a Bit

Scan the comments for the addon that you are in love with. Is the author promising to fix it over the weekend? Or has the author abandoned the project? It might be worth simply waiting a few days if a fix seems to be imminent.

Replace with a similar Addon

If there’s no update in sight, you may want to consider replacement. Ask people what they use for that UI aspect, particularly if they used to swear by your old addon.

There are definitely upsides to replacement with an actively-updated addon. For example, I found that Bartender was updated very slowly after a patch, but Dominos was usually updated right away. The switch was annoying, and I confess I don’t like the configuration interface for Dominos as much. But when I went to log in on patch night for 4.0.1, there was a Dominos update ready for me. When I first booted up the game, Dominos was all set up and ready to go, just like it was the day before patch day.2

  1. In ur face, Healbot and Vuhdo
  2. I see now that Bartender has also been updated for 4.0.1, but in the past it was not so speedy.


Oh Noes, My addon hasn’t been updated! — 13 Comments

  1. OY! Vuhdo was updated for Cataclysm and worked *just fine*, thanks. Except my scroll wheel binds disappeared but I updated that fast enough. ;-p
    – your friendly neighborhood Vuhdo partisan

    • Interesting. I was not aware of that. I do know that there are certain addons that I can’t get via curse but can get via wowmatrix (such as CT-viewport).

      • Then I would highly suggest WoWInterface.  They do have a downloader as well, the MMOUI Minion (still in beta however).
        WoWAce tends to be addons in alpha/beta since they teamed up with Curse.

        • Yeah! When I went to the WoWinterface site today I noticed they had a downloader in beta which is awesome (I wanna try it!). I primarily use curse for the downloader and then hunt around to other sites for anything that isn’t on curse. WowAce will download alphas and betas through the curse downloader, but you have to still visit the Wowace site to initiate the download.

          • I would like to add a (no doubt minority) dissenting opinion regarding anything you read on Curse or WoWInterface about WoWMatrix. Moniez talk and they want both ends of the pipe. Fine.

            Regarding MMOMinion @ WoWInterface, you should be able to download it from thier site. It works well enough, though it conflicts with the Curse client. I think they had a falling out after they peed all over WoWMatrix’ grave. Lawl.

            At any rate, I like MMOMinion a lot better than the Curse client, but you’ll have to decide between them for some addons. If one updates, the other thinks the addon has been modified. Which is highly ironic for reasons I won’t go further in to here. :)

          • I has fixed line breaks through the magix of the admin panel. Since I update some addons manually, I end up checking version numbers before updating through Curse to make sure that the version Curse is telling me is the “newest” is in fact a later number than the one I already have.

  2. I got Grid from Wowace (since as of yesterday, Curse didn’t have it as far as I could tell) but it doesn’t seem to be working and I really, really don’t like the clunky ‘in game Grid’ they have now. It’s so….big and ugly. Why isn’t Grid working? *twitch twitch* I needs it, precious! *starts to hyperventilate*

    • My grid seems to be working, though granted without any relevant plugins. The only thing that I have found horribly buggy is the interface for changing/copying a profile. If you do that, the screen goes blank. HOWEVER, if you simply RELOADUI after doing it, the change will have gone through. You just have to reloadui after every change to the profile settings. Annoying but workable.

      • Hmmph. I re-downloaded the version of Grid last night, but….hmmph. I also accidentally clicked off the “Enable” choice when you do /grid config and now, can’t get it checked again. Keeps telling me to do /grid status or something to re-enable, but doing that just tells me Grid is Suspended. Want. To tear. Hair. Out. Maybe I’ll end up trying Vuhdo.

        • Why don’t you delete grid and reinstall. Use Curse downloader and check the extra box when prompted to delete files associated with the addon (your user settings). Then reinstall fresh. That should clear any problems.

          I also found that /grid works and /grid config does not. I am not sure why the change happened that way.

          Gridstatushots was updated last night. I’m excited as the plugins will start rolling in soon.