Ok, halfway through updating class guides page for 4.0, WordPress decided that there were just TOO MANY LINKS on one page and refused to continue. So, groaning (a lot), I split it up into pages by class. And the classes all cascade down magically from the magic menu bar on top of the site.

But since most of you don’t come to the site and read via feed reader, you won’t know this. So here’s the master page with links to all the new subpages by class.  Enjoy!

Big thanks to Windsoar and Rebecca at Melting Pot for giving me a kickstart on this. I was really dreading redoing the guide directory post 4.0.1.


Class Guides for 4.0 – finally updated — 5 Comments

    • Apparently Elemental is the new hawtness where you can build up static charges by rubbing a balloon on the carpet and then release them on your unsuspecting sibling.

  1. “Poneria’s response” made me laugh.  Even though it’s true, it was just a response.  Maybe I need to go do an actual guide of sorts.
    Also, the super cool dropdown menu of yours makes me bonkers because it’ll disappear while my mouse is in that gap between the menu bar and the dropdown, but it’ll reappear again when I continue down the dropdown.  But I keep having repeat vertical strokes of my mouse while I tell ym computer screen, “AW SNAP I LOST IT AGAIN…oh wait, there it is…WAIT COME BACK…oh there…AW COME ON…okay cool got it…phew STAY STAY…-.-…STAY…k now, Warlocks…”

    • I’ll work on the menus disappearing. It’s hard because dropdowns didn’t come with the theme, so I actually coded it myself. I’m no coder.

  2. This is great. Now that I’m done with my main(s) I have what feels like a billion alts to figure out what to do with. So glad some people have already made guides for it, makes it all the easier for me :)