Last we talked about Clique, I showed you how to use macros and swap profiles for dual spec. The principles are still the same with the new version of clique, but the interface is slightly different.

First, we open Clique.

Pretty much like it used to be.  To bind basic things, you just hover over your spellbook and click your desired binding. To modify a binding, right click on it and edit it. Easy.


Nature’s Swiftness, trinkets, etc. Macro those suckers into a keybinding!

First, we open grid and click “Bind other”.

A dropdown menu then appears, one of the options being “custom macro.” Print-screen wouldn’t capture the drop-down. You’ll have to use your imagination. Select “custom macro” and you get this lovely interface:

See, they’ve made it super-easy. You type in your macro in the window. The interface now even REMINDS you to use a [target=mouseover] or similar syntax in your macro.  Hover over “Set binding” and – you guessed it – press your desired click-binding.

Voila. You have a macro. If you ever want to change it later, you right click on the binding, same as you would to change any other binding.

Dual Spec

Back we go to the Clique interface.  This time we click “Options”.

And you should get the following:

Now, before you start checking boxes hither and thither, you need to add a new profile! You already have your default profile (Charactername-Server), but you will need a second profile for dual spec purposes.  Go ahead and add the new profile. Call it whatever, though I find it is helpful to start with the character name.

Then, you click “Swap Profiles Based on Talent Specs”.  After that, you will  have the option of accessing the drop-down menus to choose a profile for Spec 1 and Spec 2. Now the profiles will automatically change based on your spec.

Please note that you can’t (as far as I know) copy over settings from one profile to another. So when you create the second profile, it will be totally blank and you will need to populate it from scratch.


Updated Clique Guide: Macros and Dual Spec — 5 Comments

  1. I’m currently updating Clique (and over-writing my settings) faster than I can keep them keybound!  I think the new interface is much cleaner and easier to navigate though.

  2. I used to have this mod, i love it especially if i used it with GRID, but lately since the patch and updates for some reason it won’t allow me to bind, i gave up. and now I just used VuhDo.