List Updated 11/7

Most of these are working.

For a full list of grid plugins, working and not-working, see this list.  If your plugin hasn’t been updated in curse yet, try WowAce for a beta.


Grid Plugins That are Updated For 4.0.1 — 27 Comments

  1. I got my hopes up, but no, GridDynamicLayout still isn’t updated… I love that addon and I’m considering bribing some friends into learning lua and fixing it for me :/

      • Hmm that might be an answer. Seems hard to configure, but maybe! I don’t know how it determines the role, but maybe it tries to guess like DynamicLayout did and I can replicate the old functionality… Good catch! 😀

  2. Awesome, thanks! I finally got my Grid working after much wailing and gnashing of teeth (though I did have to basically reconfigure it). I’ve never used any of the plug-ins, because I’ve gotten what I wanted from just plain ole Grid in the past. I may look into the GridStatusHots for my priest though….

    • If you can get by with plain ol’ grid, power to you. The only plugin that I find truly can’t-live-without is GridStatusRaidDebuff. I’m having the shakes since it’s not functioning right now. You should try it. It considerably speeds up my reaction times to see who has “the ick” right there in my raid frames (how many stacks are on the tank etc).

  3. GridStatusHots is definitely not working here. Curse client and both show v 3.32 as current, which is what was before the patch. My PoM stack is nowhere to be found, with or without GSMending, and I still can’t get a timer countdown on weakend soul, among other things. I feel like I’m healing half blind. :-/

      • Much obliged. The alpha release is working smoothly compared to the old 3.32 production version. I’m no longer blind! The only thing I can’t seem to spot is how many bounces are left on PoM, but that’s much less critical than, say, WS countdown.
        Thanks kindly. :)

        • It changes color. I’m not sure how you used to track it, but afaik the StatusHots version is green on first jump, yellow on second etc.; when it’s red it means it’s the last charge.

        • Jen is right. Unfortunately, the now-defunct GridStatusMending used to give us a stack NUMBER. GridStatusHots allows you to color by stack, customized. I basically have it yellow until it only has 2 charges left, then it switches to orange to warn me to refresh.

          • I actually added the option to have PoM show #stacks (colored by time left) in the latest alpha of GridStatusHots.

          • Thanks for stopping by.  I saw that option for the latest alpha.  I’m excited to try it out!

            I noticed that mending was showing other people’s mending and not just my own.  Is that intentional?

          • Yup, purpose. Don’t want to put my PoM on a tank/suicidal mage which already has it. But added an option for that too.

          • Wow!  I feel honored.  Let me explain about seeing other people’s POM:

            If I want to track the charges or time left on a POM, I want to see only mine. Seeing the charges or time left on other people’s stuff is not helpful at all to me, because I don’t know whether MINE is about to expire or someone else’s.  So the ideal is to use Gridstatushots (back in the day gridstatusmending) to track my OWN and then a second indicator (boring box-type using gridstatusaurasext) to show that someone else’s POM is on the target and that I shouldn’t fling my frisbee to that target.

            Does that make sense?  I’m not trying to be persnickety.

          • Yes, I see your point. I kind of like seeing other priest’s PoMs too though (with charges/time left). Thinking about an option to have your own/other people’s PoM differently colored or something like that…

          • I really should level up my druid some time, would make testing a lot easier. In the meantime, I don’t mind you testing GridStatusHots for druids. At all. 😉
            Thanks for pointing out the lifebloom-thing, was a stupid stupid mistake that could have been easily avoided by doing some testing (or doing some logical thinking).

  4. There is something seriously wrong with either me or my computer. I just cannot get GridStatusHots to work. I deleted all my Grid mods and reinstalled the newest versions from Ace. The options for Status Hots don’t come up at all.

    • I’m hearing that a lot. I’m getting both my grid and my gridstatushots from the curse downloader right now since it appears to be updating.  I’m also using gridstatushots with corner/side text, so I wonder if that is part of it.

      One thing you might try, but I hesitate to say it because it will totally bork your setup, is that you can uninstall grid AND ITS CUSTOMIZATION DATA through the curse downloader. Then you’d have to set up grid from scratch, which is fail. This is a last-ditch effort that might not even work to fix your problem, so proceed with caution.  However, if you want a truly CLEAN NEW install, this is the way.

      • I’ve done that twice now. No luck. I’m also using corner text.
        I think I’m going to have to switch to VuhDo for a bit until this gets fixed.

    • Have you tried deleting the GridStatusHots-part of Grid.lua in the WTF-Folder? There might be something wrong with it due to some older alpha-version I shouldn’t have released. 😉
      If that’s not the problem, it IS some other addon causing a conflict.

  5. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!  A new gridstatushots – beta – is now available on It’s been working right for me this whole time, but it might fix the problems everyone else is having.

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