~Please see the updated version of this guide for Patch 4.0.3a~

Ugh, this chakra shit is hard.

Never fear.  If I can do it, you can do it.

Here’s my not-so-elegant way of dealing with Chakra. Please note, I haven’t really played with smite Chakra. Only the healing type.


Make a Chakra Macro For Each Chakra State

As I learned from Erinys, Chakra doesn’t trigger the GCD.  Macro at will!  OK, you might run out of keybindings. I’ll grant you that.

Basically, each macro will look something like this:

/cast Chakra

/cast [@mouseover] Heal

Repeat for Renew and Prayer of Healing. (If you wanna do it for smite, leave the [@mouseover] part out.)

How to do this for clique?  There’s a guide for that.

How to do this for VuhDo or Healbot? Trick question! Switch to Grid!1

If you want to do it all on the same action bar hotkey and get all fancy with the modifiers like shift and control… check out Step 5 in No Stock UI’s article or Leaf-Head’s Ultra-Terse Guide. I can’t even begin to fathom how I’d construct one of those.

Macro Holy Word: Chastise

This seems like an easy task, just like above, but in fact it is the suck.

Remember, folks, Holy Word: Chastise changes into Holy Word: Someotherthingy depending on what state you are in. Oh. Noes. Fortunately, we can do this all in one keybind/button/click.

Now, the basic mouseover macro will work as follows:

/cast [@mouseover, help] Holy Word: Chastise; Holy Word: Chastise

Why is the macro not just “/cast [@mouseover] Holy Word: Chastise”? Because the rest is needed in case you’re gonna cast it on an enemy during smite-chakra or not-chakra.

Now, here’s the tricky part.  Holy Word: Chastise MUST be on your action bars somewhere or the macro won’t work.2 No, it’s not a joke. So pop that sucker on a bar, even one that is hidden during combat, and have at it.


Tracking Chakra (duration and cooldown)

Oh, Chakra states are easy to track (both duration and cooldown) with pretty much any currently-updated addon capable of tracking buffs or cooldowns, once you remember to track all of them.

Fortunately, the names match the spell used to trigger the state. Honestly, the hardest part is remembering where the colon goes.  Chakra: Heal, Chakra: Renew, Chakra: Prayer of Healing, Chakra: Smite. Much easier than the cryptic names that Holy Word turns into.

I use Power Auras to tell me which state I’m in. In text. With a Timer. Because I need all the help I can get.

I use the good ol’ default cooldown timer bar in ForteXorcist to tell me the cooldown. (The cooldown part, fortunately, only relates to “Chakra” and you don’t have to worry about WHICH ONE it is.)

So far, so good.

You can also use ChakraWatch which shows you what state you’re in, with timer, using colors. However, meh, nothing that can’t already be done in power auras.

Tracking Holy Word: Chastise (cooldown)

Uh, check this travesty out.

These new names impossible to remember – and if you have the HW: Chastise button on your toolbar (WHICH YOU SHOULD), it does automatically change to become the new HW: Whatever, tooltip and all, when you enter the appropriate chakra state. Because, you know, it’s so easy to be examining tooltips while healing during a limited-time status.

But there’s more. Different cooldowns for each Holy Word: Blah spell that Holy Word: Chastise becomes.

Yes, Different Cooldowns.

Now, if you ask me what happens if you trigger the cooldown for it, and then promptly shift into a new chakra state with a different cooldown what happens? Don’t know. Your normal cooldown tracker addons don’t know either. They are going nuts. ForteXorcist won’t register it correctly (even after I entered the names manually), and I can’t get Power Auras to behave either.

So, like me, you can go “ghetto-style” in your tracking. You can use the cooldown that appears on your hotkey on your action bar.

Now, you can fancy it up a bit, like I did.  You can use Dominos or Bartender to give Holy Word: Chimaera its own special one-icon half-transparent big bar so it looks a little more like it’s supposed to be a cooldown tracker and not a dressed-up button.

There it is, above the power aura indicator. Chastise is ready.

And OmniCC (yes, updated) will provide you with a neat little number that ticks down.

Now it's on cooldown

I have it show up only while in combat and remain hidden the rest of the time. In Dominos, you do this by setting the opacity and faded opacity of the bar to zero, and then entering the following into the “show state” box: [combat]100;show. This forces the opacity to 100% while in combat.

Better Ways to Do It?

Share!  I’m muddling through as best I can (with Mr. Google F. Search guiding me), but I am definitely interested in more elegant ways to do this.

  1. I always get more comments when I show grid-bias.
  2. Sources: MMO ChampionWowGruntPlusheal. And, of course, there was copious swearing by me about “WHY WON’T THIS MACRO WORK?” and “CHASTISE IS BROKEN” until I found those.


Chakra and Chastise for Dummies — 12 Comments

  1. I’m guessing “better ways to do this” would be “respec Disc”. I mean to finish leveling my priest up but I still don’t think I’ll have the courage to go Holy.
    And the names… hah, I’m having flashbacks to my time playing a Paladin.

    • My dual spec is disc. Disc seems underpowered compared to holy at this time, though my reactions in Holy are PAINFULLY slow because of this complex new system… and it’s new to me so I’m fumbling for what I should do.  If you give me a task like “stay in chakra x and heal y” I can do it. But save someone who is blocked in ice by KT? Hahahah.

  2. I like this very much!  I am not happy with my UI at the moment so I have been focusing on farming.  I have a semi nice one set up but I need to just focus on getting my notifications and PA timers working first.
    When I get home today I am going to set up your icon trick with dominoes, I love love love it! Thank you for the tip!
    Bleh, I need to update the Clique part of my Grid guide also, it’s SO different now, but I love it.  It almost feels like an integral part of the game with the tutorial tips that you get when you first open Clique.

    • Bartender will work just as well as Dominos too.  In fact, it’s much easier with Bartender to show/hide in combat.  I had to DIG in the comments on curse’s dominos page to find that random trick for opacity in combat.  WTB idiot-proof interface.

    Vuhdo partisan SMASH!
    The macro information looks very helpful.  I’m in need of some macro work to incorporate some of the new heals.  In particular, I’ll have my Consecration key changed to Holy Radiance but able to activate Consecration with a modifier key.  Yeah, slightly different from you Chastise issue, but you and your sexy-cool class/spec design can suck it!!!  /endBrokenHolyPaladinRant

  4. I can’t figure out how to write a Power Aura for Holy Word either.  *grrrr*  I was hoping it was just me who was lost.
    Also, did you notice PWS and WS got added to GridStatusHots?  Super nifty.

    • PW:S and WS did get added indeed. However, they do NOT just show YOURS.  They show everyone’s.  This is a good thing.

      Mending in GridStratusHots continues to show everyone’s mending instead of just mine, thereby annoying the crap out of me.  WTB Gridstatusmending back.

    • As for a power aura, I’m confident that someone nerdy and industrious will find out how and create a copy-string for it. Because I’m lazy and modifying someone else’s POWA is easier than creating from scratch.

  5. This is a really nice guide. I still feel like I’m flailing a bit every time I’m on my priest. I’ve not dared to try and heal anything more difficult than the Headless Horseman yet.
    I think I’ll use this information and see if I can dare to venture forth into a Heroic or something 😉

    • For heroics, I’ve found Chakra: Heal the most useful state *by far*.

      You don’t need strong aoe heals in a 5-man.  And the chakra-renew that pumps up our ONE hot isn’t useful unless you’re trying to sprinkle hots on a raid group.

      I’ve been TRYING the other chakra states in heroics for the purpose of experimentation, but really chakra:heal is my staple.