OMG, have you seen the new raid leader tools? Raid leaders can do a role check (Tank, Heals, DPS) for everyone to select a role (no longer do we have to rely on the sloppy “heals in group 5″ technique.) If someone does not answer the role check, the raid leader can manually set the person’s role as healer, tank, whatever.

Assigning a person the ROLE of tank is NOT the same as assigning “main tanks”. The two are completely independent.  You can do one method or both methods.  Different addons, including different Grid Plugins, will register these statuses differently.


Once a role is assigned, that can be shown in Grid with GridStatusDungeonRole. It works exactly like has always done in 5’s when a role is assigned through the dungeon finder system.

How to set it up? We already did this!

However, this only works for the new “roles” in the raid. GridStatusDungeonRole does NOT register tanks designated as “main tanks” the old-fashioned way.


GridStatusMT’s has not changed at all in this patch. As we discussed before, GridStatusMT’s will show main tanks that are manually designated by the raid leader as “main tanks”.  It does not reflect the new raiding role check.

Using both GridStatusDungeonRole and GridStatusMTs

I am currently using both to cover my bases so that regardless of the way the raid leader chooses to designate tanks (either through role check or through old-school main tank designation) the main tanks do show up in my frames.


GridLayoutMT was JUST updated last night.  SQUEE!  Basically, it allows you a few configurations that display main tanks separately, including in 10’s.  Again, remember, this is ONLY for tanks designated as “main tanks” ye olde way, not for people who have the “ROLE” of tank.

If you are using this or another “main tank frame” monitor, you may request the raid leader to designate main tanks the old way instead of just relying on the role check.

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