Check out what people sent in or posted on their blogs!  This is pee-pants funny.  You will have to click to embiggen.

Thank you to everyone who participated!  Remember, these will be archived on the Bee Pit Page for posterity, so it’s never too late to contribute!


Just a general “I hate people” bee pit.

Theanorak @ Mysterious Buttons

He posted it on his blog complete with an explanation

Alas @ KissMyAlas

Alas did a Guild-Themed card.

Those wacky Folks @ Looking for More

Analogue did a Bee Pit Golden Rule Card – have you done these things to others?

While Reversion made a comic:

Rhii @ Oh my Kurenai

… wishes there were more boxes.

Traxy @ I Like Pancakes

… wants to throw all types in the bee pit.

Tarinae @ A Healadin’s Tear

… might have some unresolved rage

Syl @ Raging Monkeys

…submitted a pvp-themed card.

Button @ Uncrittable

Button educates us on Bad Tanks.  And when I discover a new blog, everyone wins!


It’s time to play… BEE PIT BINGO! — 15 Comments

  1. What I want to know now is when we’re all going to get together and actually play Bee Pit Bingo. I see everyone getting into vent and running their own PUG’s. Each time someone sees something on their card, they can call it out. First one to get a Bingo gets, uh, a Bingo?

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