I know you’ve heard about Ovale with Custom Script.  It’s in Fluid Druid’s guide as a next move suggester.

If you’re anything like me, you hid under your desk upon seeing all that evil code.  Ew!

Never fear, here’s your guide to using the scary code.


1. Download Ovale. That wasn’t too hard was it?

2. Copy the Code to Clipboard. Highlight the icky code.  Don’t read it!  Just highlight it beginning to end and copy it.  Control-C or right click menu.  (I’m currently using Leafkiller’s Code as listed in the above guide.)

3.  Boot up WoW.

4. Open Ovale’s Code Interface.

5. Delete Current Default Code. Control-A to highlight the current code and then delete/backspace.

6. Paste custom code. Control-V works just fine in WoW.

7. Save.


Show/Hide.  I would check Show in Combat Only and If Has Target.  That means it will only show in combat if you have a target.  Obviously then check “Hide if friendly or dead”

Sizing.  Fiddle around with the sizes of the boxes and the spacing until you like it.  There’s no right answer.

Numeric Display.  Yes.

Lock Position. Yes. Once you have it where you want it.

Vertical. Just changes the orientation of the boxes. If you like that sort of thing.

Two Abilities. No. Maybe it’s incompatible with the custom code, but it just shows duplicates of the abilities in extra boxes. Ick.

Scrolling.  This is foul and should not be checked. Unless you want to feel seasick with 8 different boxes scrolling around slowly at different rates.

Hide Empty Buttons. Yes.

The rest?  Eh, sure.  Why not?


Next Move.

Future Next Move. What Ovale thinks your next move will be. It is sometimes wrong because between now and when you finally have the energy for that move, you could crit and gain another combo point, changing the calculation.

Ability Timers.  Essentially a countdown for your bleeds and buff.

Long Cooldowns (available). Tiger’s fury and Berserk


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