Omg, guys, a real live plugin author (Bogenlampe of GridStatusHots) commented on this very blog and even added a feature because Yours Truly is persnickety. And a little bit embarrassed now. It’s also prompted me to be a “helpful pest” of myself on wowace if I should happen to find a bug.

But, back on track, GridStatusHots is not just for our leafy-lovin druid friends anymore. It’s gone beyond hots to solid tracking of “other stuff”, especially priest stuff.

Power Word: Shield and Weakened Soul

Remember when we had to use GridStatusPWshield for tracking PW:S if we wanted to use numerical countdowns? And remember how sad we were when the plugin wasn’t updated anymore?  Fear not, GridStatusHots does the same thing for you now – allows tracking of ye olde PW:S and WS with NUMBERS. Or fading colors if you’re into that sort of thing.

Power Word Shield (BUBBLEZ)

Weakened Soul

Fancy, right.  Now, there’s no option to show ONLY yours, but there’s no reason you’d ever want to do that! One bubble per target, one debuff per target. If you showed ONLY yours you’d either end up overwriting other people’s stuff or lose time with embarrassing error messages.

More on this later. Expect a revamped “tracking your shield” post soon given the change in plugins.

Mending Frisbee Pew Pew SPRONG

Now, GridStatusHots has always shown Mending Frisbee with a countdown. However, NEW FEATURES!

  • You can now decide whether you want to color by STACK or by TIME LEFT. Different preferences for different priests, eh?
  • You can optionally show ONLY YOUR mending. I love this feature. I’ll feel guilty though if I’m the only one on earth who cares about it.


Mending - color shift by duration

Mending - color shift by stack

Yes, there will be a total revamp of my last guide on this issue, since the last guide involved the now-abandoned GridStatusMending. Coming soon!1

Chastise – Hot

You know how Holy Word: Chastise gets transmogrified into a magical hot when you’re in Chakra-Renew? Well now there’s a tracker for that.

Holy Word: Aspire (Chastise Transmogrified)

I gotta confess, I first looked and remarked to myself “what the Google F Search is an Aspire?” but then I figured it out.

Not only does it work (I tested it kthx) but also HW: Aspire is counted in the overall “hot count”. If you are into that sort of thing.2

EDIT: So now I read that this spell is going buh-bye. Oh well. You should still use GridStatusHots.

In Conclusion

GridStatusHots. If you weren’t already using it, you have NO excuse now, because it just got awesomer for priests. Download it from Curse or, if you want the newest features, the Alpha/Betas from WowAce.  The curse release version may not yet have all the awesome stuff as listed above.

  1. Like next week soon, not “soon” meaning Blizzard’s idea of “soon”.
  2. which you should be – more on this later.


Why GridStatusHots Updates are Awesome for Priests — 2 Comments

    • Yeah!  It does the same thing that GridStatusPW:Shield used to do, but it is far nicer to have all my tracking bundled in an addon that I use anyway (for renew etc), and that is nicely updated at patch time.