Since I published the last guide on this issue, one plugin has been abandoned while another stepped up to bat.  So, let’s try this for 4.0!

Today we are going to learn about tracking PW: Shield (and Weakened Soul) using NUMBERS.  If you don’t want to use numbers, ignore that part and you can just use regular old boxes that fade colors based on time left.

(You may need to get an alpha/beta from WoWAce, after any major patch.)

What It Will Look Like

Once you have your corner text and side text plugins, you can have countdowns in the following places:

Any of those places you like.  I set mine up like this:

PowerWord:Shield (& Weakened Soul, its evil twin)

I like to see the time left on PW:S and WS, because:

  • I don’t want to overwrite an existing shield and waste mana
  • I don’t want to try to bubble over weakened soul and get the embarrassing message “you can’t do that yet.”

Seeing the boxes indicating whether something was there or not wasn’t enough.  I needed to know WHEN it was going to fade so I could anticipate my next spell.  I want to re-bubble the tank the second WS fades!


So… go into your options for GridStatusHots and set up your colors for your shield and WS.  Even if you end up not using numerical countdowns and decide to go with the boxes, you may still want to use GridStatusHots because you can change the color based on the time left (and you cannot with the default auras).    As I mentioned, I find this particularly useful for WS, so I know when it is going to fade on the tank and I can rebubble as soon as that sucker falls off.

Configuring Power Word: Shield

Configuring Weakened Soul

Pick a corner (or side) for your NUMBERS

Then, pick where you want each one.  Remember to use the appropriate check box under “corner text” or “side text” as appropriate.  Don’t put any boxes in the same spots as your countdowns.

Power Word Shield in the Top Right Corner

Weakened Soul on the Right Side

Using Boxes

If you just HATE the idea of a countdown and prefer to just use a colored box that fades with time left, you can do that too. You can do it without any further plugins, but you might run out of spots. To get more box spots try…

It’s not a Bug, it’s a Feature

Trust me, this shows everyone’s PW:S and WS and that is a good thing.

  • For weakened soul, it doesn’t matter who applied it.  You need to know that it’s there, regarless of who applied it, so you don’t try to rebubble that target.
  • For PW:S, same deal.  Doesn’t matter who applied it – you need to know it’s there so you don’t overwrite a bubble and waste mana.

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