Non-Priest Shield Tracking

You need to see shields for the same reason you need to see hots – so you know whether your heal-target is wearing protection or not (har har).  After all, why should you throw hots onto a target who is already shielded and at full health?  It’s overkill.

By extension, you also want to know who has the weakened soul debuff. If a target has no shield and has weakened soul debuff, it means the target is particularly vulnerable because he cannot be re-shielded right away.

How to do this in Grid

Oh, you don’t even need a plugin for it.

1. Reserve a corner or box somewhere in your frame to show all this.

2. Set up under your basic Auras, different colors for:

  • Buff: Power Word: Shield (let’s say green)
  • Buff: Divine Aegis (let’s say yellow)
  • Debuff: Weakened Soul (let’s say red)

3. Priority numbers should be in that order. i.e. PW:S has a priority of 90, Divine Aegis is 85, Weakened Soul is 80.

4. Put them all in the same corner.

Under this example:

  • Green = PW:S is on the target. Divine Aegis & Weakened soul might be present too. Target is safe.
  • Yellow = There’s no PW:S but there is a Divine Aegis shield, which is weaker. Watch that target for when Divine Aegis breaks. The target may be afflicted with Weakened Soul too, but for the moment it doesn’t matter because there’s still a small shield present.
  • Red = The target has NO shields, and has weakened soul. THIS TARGET IS ONE TO WATCH CAREFULLY and heal aggressively.

“But I use Healbot/Vuhdo”

Too bad! Google F Search time.


Why Every Healer Should Care About and Track Shields — 13 Comments

  1. The holy paladin mastery is also a shield, albeit one that lasts for six seconds and is only (at base) 8% of the heal we cast. The buff name is Illuminated Healing and while it’s nowhere as strong as Divine Aegis or PW:S, it’s still a shield! 😉
    (I miss Sacred Shield.)

    • Good tip.  That can be added to the “shield tracker” box easily enough… I’m guessing I’d add it at a priority between Divine Aegis and Weakened Soul.

  2. Just so’s you know, Healbot also has a tracker for Shields and Weakened Soul buff/debuff as well.  I would like to hope that Vuhdo does as well but don’t use it so can’t say.  In either case, just go to the appropriate site and look up how to use it.  No Healer should be without this information no matter what mods they are using.

        • Well, I suppose that would tend to increase the suffering of us Vuhdo users, and with the excellent work you’re doing for Grid, you’ve probably reduced Grid-related suffering by a tiny fraction… hmmm… tell you what, if I have to configure Vuhdo while drunk and wearing sunglasses, and an elephant is trumpeting in my ears, it might be even.

          • I tried to configure Vuhdo once, after reading Tam’s excellent guide on the subject, thinking “how hard can it be.”

            The. Horror.

            I gave up in dismay and resolved that I’d just WAIT until my plugins were updated rather than ever wade through Vuhdo again.

          • Ok, that does it, obviously I need to do a series of posts on “Vuhdo: It’s Just That Easy” :-p

            Actually I’m thrilled that there are Three Bears’ worth of addons. Everyone is sure to find the one that is just right, even if I find Healbot to be “too simple” and Grid to be “too complex”.

  3. Zel your guides look awesome, and I even read some of them, despite the fact that Grid is so damn confusing that you actually need nine hundred guides to safely operate it. However, I have no idea where to start (the basics of the basic) for someone switching from Healbot/Vuhdo to Grid.
    I am actually considering taking the plunge because multiple reinstalls and resets and refreshes have failed to make my Vuhdo track Prayer of Mending correctly again and Healbot makes my eyes bleed.
    I would consider switching to Grid IF (and only if) I could confine Clique’s operation to my Grid frames ONLY. Clique and I have had serious disagreements on this point many times before. Apparently taming it is beyond my puny intellect though.

      • Hm. I will definitely look into that. Clique is just messy, it gets everywhere. I’ve always loved that VuhDo is confined to its own barset.

        • See I like that I can use clique for my focus, target etc.  It makes healing Val Dreamwalker MUCH easier.  Not to mention using Wild Growth while targeting the mob (splash it around to get both the tanks in front and the melee in back.)

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