December 7th is coming at you like a fast thing comes at you fast. I’m not into illustrative similies today, sorry. But there are some things you should be doing to prep for the coming cataclysm. This is not about specs, but rather your inventory, professions, and cash.


Prices are so low! If you find a better deal, I'll eat my shoe!

Look at your toons bags and banks. I bet there is a lot of clutter in there. Lots of stuff you were going to hang onto for just a little while longer. Now is a great time to get rid of all of it.

  • Remember those iLvl 200 gloves you kept just in case the 219 gloves didn’t work out, and you never got around to getting rid of? Get rid of them. You aren’t going back to them.
  • Those stacks and stacks of chilled meat you kept around to speed up your ability to do the Dalaran Cooking daily. When was the last time you did one of those? Get rid of them.
  • Anything you had as leftover stuff from leveling your profession. For me on the mage this was excess cloth, infinite dust, a lot of greater cosmic essences. I kept a little just in case I got an upgrade, but most of them I sold.

The prices you can get for all these things are dropping, but you might as well liquidate now instead of being getting ready for the expansion after next wondering why you still have chilled meat.


The simple fact is if you want to be taken seriously as a raider, you should have maxed out professions. And if you are trying squeeze that last ounce of damage, healing or survivability you really should do it. For example on the mage I have for quite a while had maxed out enchanting and tailoring. This allowed me an extra 46 spellpower on ring enchants, and I had really good cloak embroidery which was more DPS than any cloak enchant I could have given.  By contrast most of the expansion I didn’t level the warrior’s professions because it always seemed like a huge time sink, but it would have helped if I could have had 3 +51 stamina gems instead of the normal +30 stamina gems. Likewise, having maxed out mining would add 60 stamina. It would have been another 122 stamina which would have been nice to have on some fights.

Don’t forget to have a toon who has max cooking and fishing either. Food buffs are an essential part of any raiders healthy breakfast!

So as I noted above, prices are falling because people are liquidating. Chances are you don’t have that much left to do, why not take the next month and really just concentrate on getting caught up on your professions, and start Cataclysm off right. The further you delay the harder it will seem to get “caught up”. I leveled my Jewelcrafting and Mining on my warrior a few weekends ago from mid 200s to 450 each for some time (maybe 12 hours total?) and no more than 500g.

Cash is King

Get that gold and wear your crown!

Going into a new expansion, you will have lots of unexpected expenses. Training never is cheap, and having a big pile of money to sleep on is nice because when you get that opportunity to get epic flying or maybe some rep gear with nice stats, you won’t have to wait as long to get it. So go forth and make a little pile of cash for yourself and remember to keep those professions maxed.


Getting Your WoW Financial House in Order. — 9 Comments

  1. Gosh, yes, this is good advice. I was shocked over the weekend when my brother had to borrow money for repairs. Yeah, he’d spent 700 gold on gems but seriously, he’s got a maxed out skinner/miner, he should be rolling in dough!
    If you’re not going into Cataclysm with *at least* 2k gold per max level character, you are not planning things right… Profession leveling aside, there’s always gold sinks when leveling, you have to be prepared.

    • So far I’ve sold off “surplus” – raw materials I’m not reasonably likely to need in the next few weeks. I don’t want to be in the position of having no flask materials, but excess flowers beyond that went to ye olde Auction House.

  2. Tip: If you have a character that you’d like to have cooking that currently doesn’t? Pilgrim’s Bounty starts this weekend and gives you a quick, painless way to level cooking through 300 (or more if you’re patient enough to farm the turkeys).
    I plan on using this holiday to get cooking up on all my newer toons because running around getting old world mats is terribly irritating.

  3. I agree that this is solid advice. I’m quite a hoarder myself, but even hoarders need to clean out their banks every now and then. It’s quite surprising what you find at times, for example my druid had kept a bunch of old idols to remember the different effects they had, but now they’ve turned into nothing but a bunch of low-level stat blocks… AWAY!

  4. I usually hoard loads of stuff, but the past couple of months I’ve sold off pretty much everything I have except for my epics and vanity items. I figured that while I could keep gems/enchant materials to get a head start – getting new ones tend to level you quicker (and cheaper) since the materials from Wrath enchants are the top-end ones for lots of materials. I rather just disenchant some quest greens and skill from that I think.
    It’s some really good advice, and I’ve definitely been clearing out a lot of stuff. It’s easy to get stuck and want to hold onto things “just in case”. I made that mistake last expansion, so this time I’m going in with fairly clean bags/banks. (Or, as clean as they can get without getting rid of your old set pieces, vanity items etc.)

  5. As a follow up, I spent about an hour last night  clearing out banks on my two most-played characters. I need another session like that to figure out just how many green-quality raw gems I actually need, but thanks for the motivation.

  6. I’d disagree that cash is king.  Cash/gold is obviously the safest thing to do, but the economy is about to undergo a massive market shock when 4.0.3a hits.  While a lot of materials will decrease in value, the price for others will increase, and there’s an opportunity to invest/speculate and increase your gold.  People are going to be swapping and leveling professions will still drive demand for some current mats.

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