Apparently the trick to defeating Arthas is to infect your disc priest with THE PLAGUE. As I felt like croaking hell on a stick, barely able to wheeze into vent, we killed him.

I’m not sure what was more exciting at that point: the kill itself or the swift and early end to the raid with the promise of imminent NyQuil.

Observe posts from guildmates Alas and Jinx, where screenies abound. I’m gonna get moar tea.

The Raid Drink of KINGSLAYERS!


I got hit by a loathsome disease, but Arthas died instead. — 7 Comments

  1. Oh well done!  Mucho Grats to you and yours!  And thanks for the tip about Nyquill ~ perhaps it will help us to kill him as well!  :)

  2. I thought *I* was the good luck charm! 😛
    (just kidding)
    I didn’t realize you felt that bad though, you didn’t sound overly hoarse to me… I hope the plague can be cleansed quickly and isn’t passed on to any Twigs, Mage-tanks, or companion pets.

  3. Congratulations on your kill – and I hope you’ll feel better soon. One would think that all those diseases Arthas spreads around.. one of them would like.. cancel anything else out.. 😛