~Edit 2/28/11: Simple holy word macros work again.~

So… courtesy of Google F. Search and Erinys (who commented as I was writing this, hehe), I have a working HW: Chastise Macro! I looked at all the versions of how to do this and found one that I could understand and use. Murloc Tested and Approved!

Why is this Macro Different from All Other Macros

This macro doesn’t just input commands. It acts, as if you, the user, actually physically “did stuff” with your keyboard/mouse. This macro is as if you did the the following 3 actions:

  1. target (clicking on) your mouseover;
  2. press the action bar button where you have placed your HW: Chastise spell; and then
  3. switch (click) your target back to whatever you were targeting before you decided to chastise.

The Macro Itself

You first have to take chastise from your spell book and drag it somewhere on your action bars.  So do that.  (Where on your action bars?  Stay tuned.)

In macro form, here it is.

/tar [@mouseover,exists]

/click MultiBarBottomLeftButton1


But what does that mean?

/tar [@mouseover,exists] = “Target my mouseover, if I have one”.

This is not like “target=mouseover” because your target will actually shift (momentarily) to whatever you are mousing over, away from whatever you are currently targeting.

/click MultiBarBottomLeftButton1 = “Click button 1 on the Bottom Left Multi-Bar of my Action Bars.”

I admit, I am a fool when it comes to this. You need to put your plain ol’ chastise spell somewhere on your action bars and then call up the “spot” where you’ve put it.

Here’s the list of bars from wowwiki:

ActionButton#                Main Bar
BonusActionButton#           Dynamic bar that switches actions based on Forms
MultiBarBottomLeftButton#    Bottom Left Bar
MultiBarBottomRightButton#   Bottom Right Bar
MultiBarRightButton#         Right Bar
MultiBarLeftButton#          Right Bar 2 (to the left of "Right Bar")
PetActionButton#             Pet Bar
ShapeshiftButton#            Druid Forms, etc

Which is nice if you’re using the default interface bars, but when you’re using Dominos or Bartender – which bar is which? I ungracefully used trial and error to find a spot on a bar that worked for me. I ended up with “MultiBarBottomLeftButton1″ which was the first button on “Bar 6″ in Dominos.

Harpy’s Nest has a better way of finding out what button you’re using, but in a pinch, ye olde trial and error works!

/targetlasttarget = “Go back to the thing I was previously targeting before I switched targets to do that chastise thing.”

Although you could have been targeting nothing, in which case, you will still end up targeting nothing. Ideally this should create a seamless experience “like” a mouseover macro, although if you get lag, you may get a “blip” before reacquiring your target.



A Messy Workaround for Broken Holy Word: Chastise Mouseover Macros — 2 Comments

  1. Wonder if Blizzard are going to fix this bug before they fix the multiple priest in raids disappearing holy words bug. Or whether we’ll still be using this work around in a year’s time.

    • I hope not. Unlike you, I am inept at finding which button is which. I cast so many other things on myself from my bars before I got it right.