Ah a trip down memory lane.

At around this time last year, husband was GM of a guild, I was in charge of all things recruitment, and it seemed we couldn’t be gone for a minute without things going crazy.  We worried about topics like mains and alts in raiding, timing of raid rostering, mods raiders are usingbehavior of new recruits, recruiting minors, and planning guild events.  I was generally irritable at being always “on call”, and suffering a bit of burnout.

Then we quit being GM and officer. It was glorious.

You really don’t appreciate being a peon until you’ve been an officer. Before, I would get all frustrated that shit wasn’t happening and I was like “I could fix that in 15 minutes.” And when I was an officer, I could and did fix it in 15 minutes, and it was very satisfying to actually have that shit get done rather than ask for it to get done and the officers wander off and not get it done. But I reached my breaking point and just got burnt out and tired.

Now, when shit doesn’t get done, I know full well I could fix it, but the aversion to actually doing it myself makes the frustration vanish. I don’t want to fix it myself, and the desire to not fix it myself is so strong that I don’t even care if it stays broken forever.

  • Nobody took a combat log? Whatever.
  • Someone’s showing up unenchanted?  I’m frustrated as shit until I realize that I have zero desire or… less than zero, negative desire to holla “hey, you need to flask and enchant and gem and all that shit, remember?”
  • If someone hasn’t studied up on the raid encounter, I’m not the one that has to go through the explanation. In fact, if it’s an encounter I know particularly well, I get to take a pee break.

Just this week, an officer left the guild. And for me personally, it wasn’t any different than a regular member leaving the guild. Sure, it sucks when someone leaves, but it wasn’t on my shoulders to go “oh shit” and reshuffle responsibilities and pick up strings, find raid replacements, etc. I didn’t secretly lament “why the crap did you have to do that right before I’m going to be afk for a week?” Nope. Not my problem. And if any drama or angst crops up because of it, I can watch with detached amusement from a quite safe distance.

Last year, when my mom came to visit, I worried about not being in game. This year I could give a shit. My computer can be turned off.

And with that, SEE YOU GUYS NEXT WEEK!


A Peon Retrospective — 6 Comments

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  2. Yes, there’s nothing like shoving the guilt-drama-issues off on someone else! Not that I’ve ever been a guild officer but I have similar experiences in other areas. Now you just have to make sure Alas doesn’t ever ever ever quit her job and you’ll be fine.

  3. Good move mate, I’ve tried Guild leading and it wasn’t my cup of tea in the end! Not getting enough assistance for other tasks and having to deal with minor drama doesn’t help either!

    You only enjoy being the peon after stepping down from warlord! I’m enjoying not being binded to getting online after work straight away to sort matters out in guild anymore, just popping online to do what I want 😀