Whut?  We haven’t done this in like FOREVER.  Onward!

Jasyla at Cannot be Tamed has a bunch of awesome charts comparing healing spells by class. Oh and she moved to self-hosted, so if you haven’t updated your feed or bookmark, get on it.

Psynister talks about Overlooked Changes that have occurred in the shattering.  A bunch of these were a surprise to me. (Hint: dual spec is even earlier and cheaper.)

Gauss displays Cataclysm Print Ads that are snarfle-worthy. Check them out!

Don’t think we’re missing the new cata class spec and gear guides that are coming out – they are being added (probably weekly) to the appropriate class page.


Parliamentary Papers — 2 Comments

    • It’s totally going on my raid page, once I do my next “link edit” (I keep them starred in my feed reader and then edit them into the static pages about once a week… saves some time.)