In case you’re wondering, all the authors of Murloc Parliament are snug in bed, totally asleep, because we’re not nuts1. I mean, midnight Pacific? That’s 2AM. We have jobs.

  1. Scheduled posts FTW


OMG CATACLYSM! — 9 Comments

  1. You know you’re old when the idea of standing in line at midnight, coming home, and then waiting til 2 am doesn’t even sound remotely appealing. Even if I wasn’t working today.
    I mean, the baby would hate the whole thing, and I’d be tired and wouldn’t have fun and oh my gosh I turned into my mother when did this happen gah!

    • No kidding. I preordered the digital download weeks ago, and went to bed last night. Whatever, I can play tonight and for the most part everything’s already been patched. Planning ahead FTW. Yes, I feel old too.

      And speaking of babies, it is NOT funny when one’s authenticator gets taken… “TWIG! Where’s mommy’s authenticator?”

  2. Over in Europe I did get the 1 minute past midnight deal, but of course with a few million people relogging at the same time to activate their accounts – needless to say that the login servers weren’t exactly working. I managed to log in around 1am and look around for a bit before I had to head to bed since I too work today.
    There’ll be plenty of time to get to 85 I’m sure :)

  3. I only stayed up late due to the fact that I had worked ALL weekend, and it was my reward for pushing through.  I’m also only 25, single, and kidless!  That perhaps adds to the ease with which I can settle on an all-nighter.
    I’m working off a single venti Gingerbread Latte right now and a croissant.  I’m starrrrvinggggg but my friend is not out of class until 2, and I am an hour and a half away from home.  I hop around the city with her when I’m here.
    I did try for RF Herbalism but it’s a bit unfair when some people can immediately get in and others cannot.  If stable servers can’t handle the load, then professions shouldn’t be available until maybe an hour or two later, after everything has slightly calmed down.
    Although, I suspect tonight will be even rougher than last night!
    For the most part, I just hung out with some friends in vent and farmed the heck out of Uldum until I was 525.  I posted all my herbs and have raked in about 2K from last night and will try to make a few thousand from tonight to tomorrow. Go go druid flying!