I love Holy. I do. The new playstyle is just awesome.

But… there are so many talents that I just despise.  I am not sporting two talents, Lolwell and Improved Death, that I thought I never would touch just so I could shed some equally fail talents and still get 31 points in the tree.

My Current Spec

Wowhead Link

Not a lot of wiggle room in Holy, AMIRITE?

What I dropped like a hot potato

Surge of Light. I used Heal a lot. This still procced like never.  It’s FIRED.

State of Mind.  This used to be cool when…. (1) Chakra had a 1 min cooldown and (2) your prayer of healing would refresh 4 seconds per target hit (so back up to 30 right quick). Neither of these apply anymore, so screw it, right? Chakra doesn’t have a GCD, and it has a 30 second cooldown, so it can be refreshed immediately. There’s no mana or time advantage to extending.

Blessed Resilience is, of course, a pee vee pee talent.

At 85?

A lot of this depends on ye olde disc-smite experiment, but I’m going to assume, for the sake of argument, that smite is better than the rest of the crap in the top of the disc tree and go with a smite-archangel build. Ugh. WHY?

Wowhead Link.

This is all, of course, subject to change based on EJ mathery and any changes Blizz makes to talents blah blah caveats.

Edit 12/13 (now that I’ve played some moar cata….)

1. I hate that 85 spec.  I was basing this spec on ye olde Spiritual Guidance where Dawn Moore said that holy priests would want to take archangel for mana, which I found unconventional but hey, she’s the expert in beta.  However, I’ll probably try something closer to this.

2. Since writing this, I have used Lolwell zero times.

3. Since writing this, Improved Death and my subsequent fail angel saved us from a most embarrassing wipe. I’m beginning to think this talent is quite useful, at least while we’re still learning.

4. Suzushiiro has a valid point that one point in State of Mind gives just enough wiggle room so that you can reapply chakra before it drops off completely.


Choices in the Holy Tree or Lack Thereof — 7 Comments

  1. I’ll probably be working on a more extensive holy talent analysis this weekend, because the release of Cata and the competition to level have left me pretty burnt out and downright anxious – lol

    In regards to what you posted, I still enjoy Lightwell and I see it getting use in the 5 mans, particularly in Stonecore and Vortex Pinnacle.  I agree that SoR is pretty unfortunate now and I wouldn’t take that.

    For now, I enjoy Surge of Light, solely because I’m still running 5 mans and will be running Heroics quite a bit.  If I feel that I reach a point where I’m not doing so much tank healing, I may spec out of this.  Overall, I enjoy it and I literally squeal on Mumble when I get a SoL proc.  It feels terrific and can be mighty helpful. 

    Do I see proc all the time?  No.  Do I feel it could proc more?  Certainly.  But it happens and it when it does, it has a use and for that I am quite content to keep speccing into it.

    I am trying everything and anything to NOT have to go the Smite/Archangel route.  I really, really do NOT want to have to do it. 

    Also, I promise I will finally link you in my Chakra Sutra.  Again, Cata came along and struck everyone stupid and I was no exception.  Thank you for being patient with me. 


    • I have been such a mocker of Lolwell for this long that I’m actually looking forward to trying it out now that I have one point in it… and then yelling at people to heal themselves. Maybe I’m just looking forward to the yelling part.

      You find Surge of Light procs often? Because I even had a power auras indicator set up and the thing didn’t proc much for me at all… maybe it just hates me.  I’ll have plenty of points to put back into it if I don’t end up doing smite/archangel on my holy spec.

      The respec fees are nothin compared to how much money I spend in the hairdo chair with my worgen since you can’t see the changes on human form until you accept them…

  2. I have been a big supporter of Lightwell and my guild has slowly been leaning towards the Lightwell and that feels terrific.  I do have a /y macro to inspire people to use it and I’m not above even announcing it politely (in my normal speaking voice) that a Lightwell is present and to please use it. 

    I wouldn’t say SoL procs often, but it procs enough where I see it being used and I have gotten use out of it.  Chakra: Serenity sees the most use with me in instances and I’m using Heal to keep my tank up and when I do, I have a chance of getting an SoL proc.  That FL can either go back to the tank, depending on the damage they are taking or to that shadow priest who can’t help but hurt themselves or the DK who doesn’t know better than to stop hitting the mob that’s causing him to bleed. 

    It definitely has a use and I do see returns on it.  Not as much as some people or myself would like, but it is there. 

    I Faction Changed Oestrus (my druid) into a Worgen, to place her in my current guild and I like the idea of them.  They still seem too popular now and I make a mighty cute Dwarf.  So, I think I’ll stay a Dwarf for now, but level something as a Worgen at some point.  I also enjoy my Gnome DK, too. 

    What does that say about me? 


  3. I feel with all these changes and me being out of the Priest healing game, it would be better if I just started a new Priest and learn from the ground up

  4. Smite-Archangel is not *remotely* viable without Atonement to back it up. With Atonement, Smite basically replaces Heal, and then you pop Archangel when you’re in a situation where Smite spam doesn’t cut it. Without Atonement, you’re putting out no healing when you’re smiting and the healing boost from Archangel isn’t enough to offset the fact that you weren’t healing anything for 12.5 seconds. And the mana return isn’t remotely worth it either.

    Surge of Light procs rarely, yes, but a free flash heal is amazing, regardless of frequency. Certainly more useful than the alternatives (DP and SoR.)

    And State of Mind is worth putting one point in, just to make a window between when Chakra comes off cooldown and when Chakra falls off, just so you have time to recast it without losing it. Two is probably unnecessary.

    For reference, my holy spec: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#bchcZfhrrRorkcko:zVo0zmM0z

    • Good point. I’m not a big fan of smite so “twist my arm” and I’ll get rid of it from the holy build. I know that wow insider had suggested that smite-holy might be a viable build at 85, but now for the life of me I can’t find the reference.

      • Hi just started reading the blog just wanted to make a few comments after reading this post and your disc smite healing post.

        Regarding holy-smiting I remember reading about that however I believe that was when popping archangel returned 25% maximum mana and not the feeble 5% it returns now.

        As for your post on disc healing I feel that there is this misconception that smite takes the place of heal and that’s plain wrong. I’ve switched to a disc smite-healing spec for cata heroics and heal is still used fairly often. Disc smite healing is NOT a smite spam. I feel that it is a smite weave. You try to keep at least 1 stack of evangelism up 90% of the time you’re healing by smiting every 5-15 seconds to:
        1) reduce penance mana cost – conserving mana during boss fights is tough in heroics now
        2) reduce smite mana cost and ramp up smite damage/healing
        3) reduce penance cd by about an average of 1 sec which may not seem like a lot but I’d still like to use penance every 8.5 – 9 seconds than every 10 seconds.
        4) prepare an “oh crap!” cd (archangel) when burst healing is needed
        You still need heal because it is cheap, is affected by renewed hope and grace (both of which smite is not), and reduces the duration of weakened soul so you can pw: shield more. Granted, heal is fairly weak and when the tank/party takes just an insane amount of damage, heal and smite both get shelved in favor for penance, greater heal, and prayer of healing but all healers have to deal with sudden bursts of damage and triage.

        Because of the intense amount of healing that needs to be done in heroics, the incredibly high mana cost of all priest spells, and the relatively low crit chance we currently have I have discovered my new favorite spell to be inner focus. No longer used in the “oh knows! we’re about to wipe let’s pop inner focus and divine hymn together” sort of way. Inner focus is a legit cd that I use for huge greater heals especially when stacked with archangel after 5 stacks of evangelism. I’ll take a free 55k crit greater heal any-day.