Tiny Archangel Wings.  OMG SO CUTE!

That “hop” animation.  You’re bubbled – HOP! Here’s a renew – HOP!

Levitate is like whoooooa, that’s high! I’m double my original height!

Shadowform is super-sneaky. Hordies, beware the tiny purple streak.

Escape artist is awesome. Every MAN for himself is sexist. You don’t want to be sexist, do you?


Why Gnome Priests Rule — 6 Comments

  1. My gnome priest looks exactly the same as yours, except her hair color is more red. I adore her. Not sure where she fits in my leveling plans but she is in there somewhere, believe it. I don’t see why there’s a need for any other race to have the priest class now that gnomes are eligible.

  2. Zel, stoppit, you’re making me almost regret race changing my little gnome because I want to play a Worgen and don’t really want to re-play the 1-40 stretch so soon. :(

  3. You’re making this gnome hater almost want to change her night elf priest into a gnome. Stop this madness immediately!